Thrustmaster TX - New wheel add on at Gamescom!?

Has anyone been to Gamescom this year and played Forza 5 there?

Just found this Video:

Is this just me or is this a wheel add on rim on the tx?

Interesting find! It looks similar to the GTE rim but its definitely not the one that’s currently being sold, and its not the T300 rim either as it seems to have a Manettino switch. Looks like the buttons have the same color as the xbox gamepad face buttons. It could be either a special version for the Gamescom booth or its a new rim soon to be released.

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Yeah good catch. Definitely not the stock TX wheel nor the 458 Challenge wheel. I noticed the gas and brake pedals were also swapped (0:15 in video). If that is a new wheel coming out on the TX I may hold off on buying one for a while. Much prefer an round wheel.

I found a picture of it, looks like its just an unbranded GTE rim with a “T” replacing the Ferrari logo, a black center indicator and buttons in xbox colors.

Its possible that a neutral version is required to comply with local advertisement rules/restrictions. If another car manufacturer is one of the main partners/sponsors of Gamescom its unlikely that any other car brand logo is allowed to be displayed at the exihibition.

Or their cooperation with Ferrari on the TX-series has ended and they are now going to sell unbranded wheels, but thats unlikely

picture crop:

Yeah I’m gonna have to agree with Woozie, I really don’t think the company would bother producing add on wheel if it looks almost exactly like the GTE Challenge rim, which is the one I use for my TX btw, highly recommended.

I would much rather have that rim than the stock Ferrari TX wheel. Hope that is what is coming out with a new version of the TX. Would mean I wouldn’t need to buy the GTE rim down the road.

Got my GTE Rim for $100 off eBay so I could easily sell it to get my money back, but I highly doubt they’ll change the bundle since the TX racing wheel bundle is the 458 italia bundle all the accessories are meant to look exactly like the 458 italia. I’m not a huge fan of the rim myself either but it is good for drifting and is fun to switch between the two every once in awhile. I’m going to be getting the Wheel adapter by DSD designs so I can use a sparco wheel instead though.

Looks like it’s just the rim from the demo wheel first shown at E3 2013.

Aww shucks. Nice find. That is a much nicer wheel than the stock TX one.

Buy a GTE rim, pop the plastic Ferrari button out of the boss and insert whatever you like in its place. Problem solved.