This tunnel is some issues

A beautiful, but very different tunnel! -.- - YouTube Texture pop-in is insane! The tunnel has no light but is bright as day, but my car is completely dark. Did they even test this game over the 3 years of development?

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Weird??? Maybe your graphic card has taken over the game? Some culling error?

If you have a culling error it thinks that the inside of the tunnel is the outside of the tunnel so you get this error.

What platform are you playing on?

PC, Ultra / extreme settings

I only get this problem when environment texture / geometry quality is on high (which reduces microstutter in my case), but makes the tunnel lighting ugly.
Ultra and extreme should not have this issue with tunnels i think.

Yes, the problem extend to all game tunnels and “covered” places like under-passages and such, it’s incredibly broken and ugly, another example:

Geometry Quality at High:

Geometry Quality at Ultra:

Both the screens captured while it’s daylight on the outside.

[Even on Ultra there is that weird shadow on the wall “following” you, and I think it’s related to the other SSAO bug, but who knows at this point]

Same stuff on this other tunnel.

Geometry Quality at High:

Geometry Quality at Ultra:

in this case you get the light coming from both entrances and a dark spot in the middle, if you go through the tunnel you even get a more pronounced “hdr” effect going outside (same for the other tunnel on top).

Still even on Ultra you get issues as you seen since the light transition isn’t smooth and in other cases it has light “leaks” like this.

Geometry Quality at Ultra:

While on Extreme it properly works.

Geometry Quality at Extreme:

Any other tunnel is completely broken on Geometry Quality at High, so this can be applied on other aspects of the game that act as open/closed structures that are covered on top, like under various tents or under these structures:

Geometry Quality at High:

Geometry Quality at Ultra:

Again, both at daylight outside. Even an Ultra it show weirdness, like the front wall being lit even if there is no light entrance. If you go to the other side of this section it show this:

it’s like the light is entering the structure anyway.

So basically only Geometry Quality at Extreme has the right graphic, but it’s absurdly taxing in the big city, and same with Ultra sadly.

They really need to sort this out since is absurd to have a broken graphic even with High settings.

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Uhm on medium it works fine as well.

Is this why some of my lighting is so dark on a GTX 1660. I noticed the bad pop-in in that same tunnel as well, it’s like something from a Playstation 1 game.

Do the tunnels still blind you on Ultra? It looks like they work better.

On exit? Yes, completely white out.

Oh. I wanted them to look like this picture…

It has to be a bug.

Its embarrasing this is game from 2021. So, basically, the best setting to avoid all of this is, extreme, high, ultra in this order? … i saw more weirdeness on ultra than in high…

High looks less blurry, the texture look more HD in high.

Honestly, I thought those rock textures and geometry looked bad on all the screenshots in this thread, regardless of quality. There’s some stuff in this game that looks really good, and it makes those already bad looking rocks seem EXTRA bad in comparison.