hi can you please fix the lightning in the tunnels it’s so dark i can’t see were I’m going at all the lighting in horizon 3 works great make it like that. thank you

I agree it is to dark to see. I use full line and even still it is a pain.


The fact that the headlights on the cars are purely cosmetic, other than in night and rain races, it doesn’t promise a lot for the future. Since the beginning, including FM6 Apex on PC (Brasil), tunnel lightning is a joke, as is their new flagship circuit Dubai in FM7! Imagine… driving through a tunnel with tons of lights on the ceiling and walls, and yet NO illumination to its surroundings… how realistic, isn’t it?
Also… look at ALL the cars driving through the tunnel… when ALL headlights are ON, and yet again, NO illumination to its surroundings… how realistic, isn’t it?

Like I said, purely cosmetic white “fake” headlights. This really annoys me when the game puts me in dawn and dusk conditions, where ALL headlights are up, and again NO illumination to its surroundings… how realistic, isn’t it? Wasn’t there anyone over at T10 Studio’s saying… wait a minute… that doesn’t add up? If you can’t handle the lightning in a game… here is a tip… DON’T include it in the game! Only make Day situation then with different cloud scenarios, but don’t add dark situations like dusk and dawn where you turn ON the headlights of ALL the cars and then don’t implement active lighting coming out of those headlights. Do you know how ridiculous it looks? Yet, NO REVIEWER talks about this major shortcoming! This alone should cost you 2 minus points in the overall scoring! You had 2 years to develop this on a massive hardware upgrade, like the Xbox One X and PC, and still you manage to get this lightning completely wrong! Was it for the FPS? No way, cause the competition have done it with their eyes closed, maintaining 60 FPS.

Time to wake up T10, and take a good look at your competitors, and how they implement lighting in a race game!.. not to mention overall stability as well.