Remove light fixtures from tracks. Realistic circuit lighting

Hopefully its just a design choice and not limitation of the graphics engine but can we remove light fixtures around tracks that are not supposed to have it, racing in pitch black on spa, le mans and others at night is part of the fun and realism. Future tracks like Bathurst and Nordschleife need to be set up to race in darkness and NOT have lights lighting up the whole track.

I was thinking the same thing it felt really off. That and the cars reaction to the light makes the car look really bad imo. Like a plastic toy that glows for some reason. I also think that the light intensity in general is too high aswell.

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I agree, being a Wisconsin resident who attends Road America several times a year it was sad to see those giant lighting fixtures placed around the track. Occasional lighting from nearby stands or concessions would be okay but those tall lights really change how the environment looks in real life.

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They should give the ability to turn off the flood lights at night time in the Nordschleife, just to add another challenge and it’s more realistic anyways, just a toggle to do both so everyone’s happy :slight_smile:

Lets keep track lighting realistic. Dont be adding lights to tracks that dont officially have it. I dont want to see a track like mount panorama, monza and others with a bunch of lights at night. Its part of the experience driving in pitch black.

As well lets keep pit stop exits right, the official way.
Daytona, laguna seca exits has me ???

It’s missing details like this where you make it hard for people to take your game seriously.

Idk how it is in pc but on xbx the cars headlights would need a buff. As it is now they only illuminate like 100’

After that point the illumination drops off instantly, which is unrealistic and I’m guessing is mostly to save fps.

You can see here that gt7 headlights illuminate hundreds of feet down the track, but FM8 cant even illuminate 2 brake markers at once. Driving in pitch black would be almost impossible with current iteration of headlighrs.

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It is design choise, most people complained in FM6 and FM7 that the tracks were too dark and hard to see around