Some weird Texture Bug

Hello dear Forza Community,

first of all im new in this Forum and wanted to say hi to All.

Now i come to my Problem what i discovered in Forza Horizon 4 ( PC Version ), in darker sectors of the Game i get really weird Texture Bugs, it seems like there is something not ok with the Reflection at first. I want to know if someone had or have the same Problem.

Texture Bug : Streifen hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

i marked some points where it is visible the most. Is this allready known in Forza or should i check my GPU ? Because i did some Benchmarks and Stresstests with OCCT, Prime95 and Heaven Benchmark. Couldnt find any Texture Bugs there which is really weird.

Thank you in advance and sorry if my english isnt the best. It is a bit Rusty.

I can’t see anything??? Maybe your colours are playing up?

Do you mean Dark Colours? All of my cars have turned Dark as well.

It’s not the game it’s your computer. Update your video card drivers. Lower your graphics settings in the game and try that. Sometimes if you don’t run the most popular hardware in your computer, you may find issues like what you are having with textures/rendering.