Texture popin on series s?

Is anyone else having issues with texture popin/ L.O.D. I have the series s and for some reason trees randomly popin and yellow and white line of road pops in. There also seams to be a line where it visibly changes. Someone plz help

Probably better for this to be in the troubleshooting hub than suggestions.

Problems with textures etc are not confined to the Series S…happens on the X as well. There do seem to be more issues when you get dumped back into the session after a race in a convoy and random things like white mountains, icy roads etc happen. However, i do sometimes see textures being broken…but this is not new to FH5 as we regularly used to get things like purple trees, yellow roads etc on FH4

The pop in texture issue has been a thing with the game since it launched and i play it on pc/ steam. I think setting antisotropic filtering to high should help and geometry quality to high/utlra. I use these settings and i notice less pop in