This game is a joke online

This game is a joke online. Only 2 classes to race with, league is only open for 4 hours a day. For european players the league is open from 00.00 to 4.30 in the middle of the night.
Cars are balanced bad, if you don’t take a car with only speed and no handling you can’t win.
AFK cars at the start are not invisible.
Lapped cars are not invisible, I mean if you get lapped in a 3 lap race you either suck or you want to take people out.
People that brake 7 feet after the brake line is red need to be made invisible so they are the one flying of the track and don’t take out the cars infront of them.
If you get hit you fly of the track even if they hit you just a little bit you are spinning for 5 seconds.
People that are sideways on the track need to be invisible, they block the road and what follows is a big crash.

Playing online now is just a big frustration. It’s time they make the game playable, or they need to change the name to Bumber Cars 6.

In real world racing you don’t have crashes like the ones you have in the game. In the real world you have professionals who know what they are doing and they all have to race with rules. In the game you have amateurs, there are no rules, no penalties so there should be other ways to make the game playable.

I don’t have friends to fill a private lobby with, I’m stuck with amateur hour. Turn 10 why can’t you make this game playable in public lobby’s?

I’m not english so I hope you understand what I mean.


Your right. Thats the problem. Since they only have two hoppers, then every room is going to have 24 cars which is tough. Alot of people cant drive. They should of left it the way it was in 5 and 4. Leave all the hoppers in and give people options. This is crazy. I dont feel like racing online anymore.

I agree, the should have left the hoppers how they were in 3 n 4, you got to know the good lobbies and racers easier, we also managed to police the lobbies ourselves so crashers and glitched cars never got a chance, reckon 90% of my friends list is people i met in the old hoppers.

There is always going to be glitches with the game to start with, like the spinning u mentioned after getting hit. But u cant expect cars to always go invisible lol. It’s frustrating I know but it won’t be long till the people who think they can always out brake everyone will get bored and stop racing and start doing drifting or what ever those people do :slight_smile:

I just can’t believe they have removed the higher lobbies, I would rather race 6 people in higher classes than 20 odd in lower.

I agree with most of the OP, but my biggest gripe is deffinatly the league open times. How am I meant to be able to race in the leagues when it does not open till after midnight till 4am. will be worse for other places whose leagues will only be open through normal working hours. sort it turn 10 and soon, instead of having everything advantaged to Uncle Sam.


I thought this as well at first but what you are seeing is the next “window”. These leagues have more than one window and are open quite frequently :slight_smile:

OP actually came with solutions most of which I agree with. Lapped cars going ghost would eliminate trolls immediately.


Does the vote to kick work yet?

The game has only been available for early access until today, I’d say wait till there’s some more people playing the game so more lobbies could be populated. If hey had every hopper available since Thursday you’d be lucky to race 5 people out of 24. As far as league times maybe more people have ultimate in America so they would cater to the larger audience at first, I’d say wait a week or two and then we can start to complain lol.

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The hoppers should be up BEFORE release. We shouldn’t be buying a game that isn’t ready…


You do understand what “Early Access” means, right?

Release date is September 15th, all official game features (including online stuff) is not guaranteed until the 15th.


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My logic is that the game up until today has only been available to users with early access. Today is the American release and then the 18th is the European release. Considering how many games now a days release with multiplayer not working at all I’d say it’s gone pretty well so far. My favorite hopper is cycled production, it’s not there yet, but I’m sure it will be when there’s enough demand for it. And as far as your finished product analogy, the game has multiplayer, it works, it just doesn’t have the lobby YOU want so it’s a problem. I’m sure as the lobby’s populate they will open up more, if they don’t then I could see people complaining, but as of now there’s too many variables as to why the other hoppers aren’t there so why put yourself in a bad mood about it.

I really think that if they just opened it up to two because of the release date, then they should just indicate as such, but honestly I cant play this game if its only going to be two hoppers and not all to choose from. Everyone should be able to choose what class they want to race. My thing is that why change things from the previous game if no one complains

FM6 Online is a joke yeah, I have played PGR2/3/4 and I have never witnessed such a bad Online racing game like Forza 6. Just at the start people are already hitting each other… it’s completely chaos.

Turn 10 should be ashamed of them self, they call this game a Sim racing game… but there is nothing sim about this game. Lapping someone and he is not a ghost, they still didn’t fix that, I can go on and on… am done with this game!! amateurs at Turn 10!!

all racing games should be call Bumber cars that’s all people does that races online… win at any cost…

Ok goodbye although I believe your statement is a empty threat.I bet you are playing online as I write this post.

Have you ever raced online.You say pgr2/3?
Yeah I raced those too online and it was always a crash fest.Every racing game is…Only way around it is PRIVATE league racing.I dont know what you were expecting.This is typical.nothing different here then years past.

Its a real shame, because Forza 6 is such a good game. I think the problem is 24 people in a room and only having two hoppers to choose from is the problem. If they had all the hoppers, you would have less people in a room and better racing. Or maybe make only 16 max to a room and 24 for private rooms

Yep I sure am glad the HORIZON crowd plays this game, Up until today the online ws fair to good today and going foreword welcome to FORZA BUMPER CARS…

Yet another reason I won’t buy this game. I mean is there anything good about this game? This entire forum is people complaining about stuff.

Take the graphics out of the equation for a minute. What else is there that is worth buying this game for?

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