Think I will finally get a (budget) wheel to play FM6.

Specifically, the Thrustmaster 458 Spider. It’s no G27, but a wheel’s a wheel. Hopefully FM6 will be worth it!

I’ve got the 458 Spider and it’s a pretty good wheel. I used to have the TX, but had to sell it. IMO, I like the Spider more. Even though it doesn’t FFB and only has 240 DOR, I find that I’m better with it than I was with the TX. It definitely has made me a better driver. I tend to get really twitchy on a controller, especially racing in traffic and with the wheel, I’m smooth no matter what. My lap times are more consistent as well.

I just bought it. I am satisfied with my purchase, it’s a decent budget wheel no question about that.
Only grip I have is the pedal base, I need to put a barbell plate on the end of the pedal base so the whole pedal base doesn’t tip when I break or accelerate hard.

Excellent, I hope you have hours of fun with it.

Thanks man, I will.