X1 Steering Wheel / DLC / Porsche

hopefully there are plans to bring the Porsche cars to FM6 just like FH2 :slight_smile:

Also with regards to new cars being added … I hope that all of them will not be behind pay walls.

I am also hoping that new tracks and features can be added and not just the predicable car packs.

looking to get a steering wheel … I really want the TX thrustmaster but its SOOO expensive. is the cheaper 458 italia any good ? would love peoples opinions before I make a purchase !

thanks in advance


I have bought the 458 Italia Spider wheel for Project Cars - which was unplayable with a controller, but manageable with this cheap wheel.
In Forza 6 i’m not that happy with this wheel… it’s very twitchy, i need to set it to minimal sensibility. But, even than its much more fun than with a controller. But, to be honest… if you have the option to put a bit more money aside each month, wait a bit longer and buy something with FF. Or buy a used spider that you can sell for around the same price later, when you have more money for a better wheel.

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Thanks for the response mate,

I really do want one with FFB as I think without it it just wont feel right. but at the same time I just want to race with a wheel and pedals and not a controller so I can get the authentic feel!

My thoughts were test using the 458 spider to see how I get on with it… but then I may wanna upgrade instantly to the TX :confused: decisions lol like you say I assume it would be much more fun than controller but I feel like FFB is needed with a wheel, I assume 458 wheel doesn’t even have vibration ?

Porsche was planned to be added in 2016 to Forza 6. I found it in a News update for Horizon 2. It was when they announced Porsche to be in Horizon 2, they also mentioned in the article plans to bring Porsche to Forza 6 in 2016.

yes, the spider is without force feedback vibrations. So, you can’t feel anything while racing.
So, if you are searching for an authentic feel… its better than a controller - but thats about it.

I bought it, because i wasn’t sure about my commitment to “serious” racing games and had some big repairs for my real car to do, so funds where limited. But i only spend 80€ on an Amazon Warehouse Deal so it’s nothing to worry about. I won’t loose that much money when i sell it to buy something better - if you’re low on money now but can foresee a change in this in the future, it’s a good way to get you going. And… in theory you could keep the pedals and buy only the tx base/wheel to upgrade step by step.

I got my Tx during summer 2014. it was on offer at nearly ÂŁ100 off.

The prices have shot back up due to the release of project cars and Forza 6.

It really is a blast to use, i have played Forza 5, Horizon 2, Horizon 2 Fast and Furious and now Forza 6 with it.

I am hoping it last the life of this console generation, if it does it will be a great investment.
The FFB is amazing along with the level of input customisation, not forgetting long list of accessories you can add.

It all depends on budget. I only get chance to play 2-3 hours, 2 times a week (Family commitments) but still think it was worth every penny.

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Great ! thanks for the info. think im just gonna wait and save for a tx … I have family commitments but can get at least an hour or 2 in a day after work (TOPS) depending on the baby ! but if I do get one it will defo be worth the investment… its just justifying the purchase to the mrs LOL

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I agree with this post… If you can’t get the TX wheel, save until you can or you’ll be cheating yourself. The TX wheel is the best wheel at the current price. Fanatec would be better.

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I will agree with these guys. I had a Fanatec wheel for the 360 and didn’t get the Xboxone until this past April. I tried using the controller on F5 but once you use a wheel you can never go back. I now have the TX and use my Fanatec Clubsport v.1 pedals with it. I think that the TX wheel is actually a bit better feeling than the GT2 wheel I had for the 360. I would, if I were you, wait until I could afford the TX. You won’t regret it. F6 is a blast with a wheel. Also, I only get to play once, maybe twice, a week and I don’t regret the investment a bit.[

Thanks guys ! Think i will invest in the tx set up ! I just know i wont be satisfied with anything less.

tx isn’t expensive lol. and that 458 spider is garbage.

get the tx

but it’s cswv2 >tx>g920>madcatz

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458 spider wheel is OK , better on pcars. Like someone said earlier its very twitchy and the constant set up after switching off is a pain in the bum. Controller is way better unless someone has a set up that works as I can’t find one. I bought mine for £50 might sell it as is sat there gathering dust.

The TX exceeds the Spider in every way, The Spider doesn’t have vibration, true force feedback and only offers 240 degrees of rotation.

The one thing I will say for the Thrustmaster Spider though is for under $100 it’s the best wheel you can get!!! Yes it’s cheap and yes it’s limited, but a wheel beats a controller any day of the week. The Hori wheel while cheap is a wheel for little kids.

The one reason you need a TX over a Mad Catz wheel or the Logitech G920, is because Thrustmaster has continued to put out components like shifters, pedals, and racing rims. While Logitech already announced the only component for the G920 will be a 6 speed shifter and Mad CAtz has been out for a year and hasnt added JACK!!!