I spent the weekend in Forza 6 with both the controller and TX Wheel + T3PA Setup. My impression

As the title said, I spend the whole weekend playing Forza using both controller and a wheel setup. I’ve seen a lot of comments online regarding the slippery nature of the using the wheel versus the controller. After hours upon hours of racing I found theses claims to be unfounded.

I first started to play the game with the controller for a good 10 hours. I had zero assist enable and standard steering. It didn’t take long for me to finding the A.I slow as a turtle and I was force quickly to go to Pro level drivatar just to make it competitive enough. I have noticed that is very easy to recover after a fender bender. In heavy traffic, you can bump you way in and out without too much trouble. Counter-steering is a breeze and you can shake the left stick from left to right to recover most situation. On the other hand, the trigger throw is very short and it’s really hard to really control throttle and brake precisely. It doesn’t take much to lock up the brake so I spend a lot of time watching the telemetry in hood view to build muscle memory in what should be the perfect trigger position for braking smoothly. It’s hard to take every turn the same way on every lap as the stick lacks the precision a wheel offer. The controller is still the easiest way to play Forza 6. Easy to play, hard to master.

After 50 or so race, I plugged in the TX wheel. I had to remove all deadzone and reduce force feedback to around 60. Vibration was let to 100. Wheel rotation was set to 540. Again, no assist was enable, standard steering but this time I was driving manual /w clutch. I set the drivatar back to above average and starting to work my way up. The first few race were terrible. Rewind was definitely welcome as I struggle to pass through the heavy traffic. Counter-steering is not easy and requires a lot more movement to correct the vehicle. Hit from behind would send me into an uncontrollable spins. Things settle down after a few race. I realized I couldn’t be as aggressive with the wheel as I was with the controller. I started to pick my moments. I notice that if you enable braking line. It gives you a visual indication on when you should expect the drivatar to brake. Now only does it help you with your visual cue but it gives you some insight to what’s coming. It didn’t take long for me to start gaining speed. Obviously the throttle and brake pedals as a much longer throw and you have an higher resolution on these 2 control. It was also easier to be more constant when it comes to hitting apex. I can repeat the same racing line over and over with more precision than a controller. Next thing I knew ( a few hours later), I was beating my precious lap time on the leaderboard. I was in the top 2% on most race with stock cars in career mode. Needless to say that once I hit hot lapping with good tunes, I will be competitive.

So let’s start about cars being slippery when using the wheel compare to the controller. When I took an high speed curve with the wheel, I had to counter steer a little bit from left to right to maintain my racing line. We forget that we do that with the controller instinctively but not with the wheel. I think the main issue is there is enough FFB in the wheel to let you know that’s what you need to do. Once I understood that notion, I was going faster than I was previously. Btw for those who are having issue dealing with hydroplaning, you have to lift off the gas while you go through the puddle, you will have a much easier time to recover. I would not lie to you, if you are not willing to restart races or rewind from times to time while playing Forza 6, the wheel might not be for you. I can already see the frustration online creeping in as someone bumps you from behind and you go spinning out of control. It is not for the casual gamers. It’s an experience that requires patience. You have to be able to live with the fact that controller will have certain advantage over you but they will not be faster than you.


So its playable with a pad as well?, I felt weird not using a wheel as Im used to it for iracing

I agree here.Ive been using basically same settings on my tx and now am quite happy.At first I wanted to throw the wheel through the tv but its now enjoyable.Could be better but I could live with it.I have project cars and I honestly feel project cars in most cars they are glued to the road even doing a corner at 120 mph which is quite unrealistic stock.Its just a matter of getting used to it.

I have the TX too and I am reading this thread to see how well it will perform in Forza 6 as I like to use the wheel and not the controller. Forza 5 I was disappointed with when using the wheel. How does it compare is it the same or better?

I have played a lot of Project Cars, Assetto Corsa and Iracing, and all the cars seemed far more planted than FM5. Actually I would expect a modern super car to be very balanced and not break loose so easy as the P1 or other super cars and race cars did in FM5. Horizon 2 seemed fairly good and more realistic than FM5 in this regard, and I think cars with plenty of down force should stick to the road pretty well at speed.

I’ve played my share of Assetto Corsa and Iracing so let me chime in. The trouble with more car sim is that you play the game without TCS, TCM or ABS. You think this is more realistic but truth is in real life, all of these supercars are driven with these option enable. The cars are very difficult to control otherwise.

That being said, The FFB in Forza 6 is weak compare to Assetto Corsa or Iracing. It’s not bad but you don’t get the same feel when the car is on the edge of traction. It doesn’t mean the wheel implementation is bad. It just render it more challenging to know when you have reach that limit. When you counter steer appropriately, the car stick to the road very good. It’s hard to beat Asssetto Corsa when it comes to FFB. There isn’t any other game who does it better. Good thing is that it’s coming to console very soon.

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Thanks for your detailed analysis and well thought out conclusions. I’ve been debating on getting a wheel or not. I think I’ll hold off for now as I’m mainly interested in online racing. With how often you get wrecked online, I can see the wheel being more frustrating than enjoyable.

I played all my forza’s with the wheel.
The first years with the microsoft ffb wheel and the last forza’s with the tx wheel.
I like the acurate steering with a wheel and maybe i’m a litle slower than with a pad,
but in my opinion the wheel feels great.

Symtex, you make some very good points… however you started with FFB at 60 which many of us had to learn over the past few days. I do agree with you that the game is now much more playable with the TX wheel though I disagree that the game/FM6/T10 set it up correctly. But we can and must adapt as I doubt any patch will be released to correct this.

Another good point I read was the potential that settings are not being saved properly and reused in/on different races. This may explain while I can have a few good races and then in the same car for no apparent reason, all of a sudden you spin out or get that aweful Snap Oversteer, which I’m sure you experienced.

You never mentioned what you set the in game DOR at vs the TX wheel DOR. I’ve found that the TX DOR =900 and the in game DOR is best at 720 for me… as 540 is to sensitive and 900 is to laggy!

Anyway, good post and thanks for the information.

I found setting the wheel DOR to 2 flashes (540 DOR) and the sensitivity to 2 flashes as well (Sensitivity 2) works best for me. With Indy / open wheel cars your mileage may vary, I tend to increase the sensitivity then.

I suggest to play around with the settings directly on the TX more, as this improved e. g. my feeling through puddles from 100 % spin-out to stable, awesomly realstic feeling hydroplaning!

You could also tune it to not feeling the puddles at all.
So much for the leaderboards…