Thrustmaster 458 Spider Wheel

For those who have it/have used it, what are your thoughts on it? (Just to be clear, I’m talking about the one that retails for about $100 USD). It looks tempting at that price point, but is it really that superior to the controller? My biggest concern is lack of FFB or even some primitive rumble. I have no problems using the controller, and the controller has very good rumble and impulse triggers which can help a lot in “feeling” your car where-wise the 458 Spider has nothing. As well, will it feel too much of a step down from say a Logitech G27?

Big step down from the Logitech G27. Best to just use the controller,you will be happier.

I bought the 458 Spider just to kind of hold me over until I decide what to do about getting a TX or waiting to see what Fanatec will be coming out with later this year. As for the wheel, it’s a huge step down from the G27. However, I’m actually loving it and enjoy driving with it very much. I can actually drive better with it than with my controller. It’s a really nice wheel for the price and for someone wanting a wheel and not wanting to spend $300 on the TX right now. I have to say, you have to pay attention more to the sounds in the game to tell what the car is doing rather than by feel like listening to the tires brake traction. All in all, it’s a great wheel, but if you’re used to the G27, I’d just use a controller and hold off for a bit.

Thanks for the reply guys, I think Ill hold off on it for a while, as Im getting back to my PC sims and Gran Turismo 6 where I can use my Logitech G27. Ill reconsider getting an Xbox One Wheel closer to Forza 6s launch I think.

ive been using the 458 spider wheel for a few days on horizon 2 x box one as long as you can strap it all down it works well i paid £60 cash uk well worth the money can drive well with it