Best Wheel for under 150$

I play Forza since FM4 with a controller but now i thought about buying a wheel.
I know that the Thrustmaster TX is the best wheel now but my budget for the wheel is only about 150$.

So i hope that you can help me find the best Wheel with Pedals that is compatible with FM6 for under 150$.
I also want to know if the differnce between a high end wheel and a 150 dollar one is that noticeable for someone like me who isnt a die-hard enthusiast?
And lastly is it much more fun playing with a wheel vs a controller?

Thanks for your help.

I can’t tell you the best. I can tell you I have the Thrustmaster 458 Spider wheel. And thoroughly enjoy playing with it. I will say. I use the controller quite a bit as well. Due to a bad back that starts to hurt if I sit forward in a chair using the wheel for an extended amount of time. So I only play with it for an hour are so at a time. I have pretty good experience using wheels in racing games including the Spider wheel on Project Cars and now on FM 6. However. I still put up better lap times with the controller. Understand. I am not nearly as talented or experienced as other guys and gals in the top of the leaderboards. So they can better advise you whether the controller vs the wheel is truly faster, the opposite,or entirely dependent on the player.

Also: look in to some of the other posts on this site. As a number of folks using the Spider wheel have complaints about it not handling as well as it should. I have my settings on the wheel at sensitivity level 3 or 4. I also set up my dead zones at 100/0. And have yet to experience any issues. Though I’ve driven nothing but street cars and a few Indy.
That’s my 2 cents. Find as many reviews as you can on the available wheels at that price point. And hopefully you won’t be “steered” wrong. ( OK that was lame but I couldn’t resist)

I started with the spider but moved to tx. I can tell u that it takes time to get fast with a wheel but it can be done. I ended up in top 1% at the end of Forza 5 making 500-1000 range. But now in Forza 6 I’m top 100 even some lower!

Thanks guys for steering (heh) me in the right direction. The 458 spider is only 90$ and the reviews are mostly positive. I think that is the wheel ive been looking for.