Good budget wheel?

Well I dont think i’m ready and willing to buy a $300 wheel just yet. I was looking at the ThrustMaster VG Ferrari 458 Spider, But I heard some bad reviews about it. If I cant find a good cheap wheel i’ll probably go with a Logitech G27, Thrustmaster TX or MadCatz. I mainly want to know if the VG is good.

I’ve actually had the TX, but had to sell it. Now I have the 458 Spider and between the two, I honestly prefer the Spider over the TX even though the TX has FFB and you can change the rim and have a shifter. To me, the 458 Spider is a great wheel for the price and has allowed me to be more smooth and more consistent with laps. Also, if you wanted to, the Thrustmaster T3PA pedals are compatible with it. It uses a bungie cord system for resistance and feels very smooth. The wheel does have 4 programmed sensitivity settings and Thrustmaster recommends using setting 3 or 4 for FM5. I use 3 and it works great.

Did you adjust the 900 degree rotation on the TX?

Couldn’t possibly see how non FFB is better?

that would be the only logical cause for smoother times, would be the turn radius

I primarily used 720 DOR, sometimes a little less depending on what car. But I’m not saying by any means that non FFB is better. For me though, my personal experience was that the 458 Spider felt great and just was a better experience for me. No, you couldn’t “feel” what the cars were doing, but it just felt better. I was smooth consistent with both wheels. But now, I have gone back to using controller, just because I was tired of having to set up the wheel and take it back down every time I wanted to use it. Maybe when I have a more permanent solution where I can just leave it up and put the wheel on a cockpit instead of a stand, then I’ll get one again. More than likely, the TM servo base with all the trimmings.

Any thoughts on the Logitech G27 or MadCatz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and pedals? Also would a office chair work fine with a wheel stand?

The G27 won’t work on XB1 or even 360 for that matter without an adapter and then you lose FFB. Haven’t heard much about the Madcatz wheel, but it’s still priced at $400. So if you spend that much on the Madcatz, you might as well get the new Logitech G920 that is compatible with the XB1 and PC.

As for using an office chair and wheel stand, that’s exactly how I use mine and it works great. Not to mention you can fold down the wheel stand and put it up when not using it.

I was probably gonna go with the TX but some people said it broke easily, But some people on youtube (AR12, Slaptrain) say it’s really good, And i’m leaning towards going with them and buying it but i’m still not sure.

It honestly just depend on what you get. Some have had great experiences with their TX and have lasted them every second, while others have had to get their’s replaced once or more.

Have you had experience with their customer service?

I had the Thrustmaster 458 (xbox one wheel with no FF) and that wasn’t bad . Cost me $160 new.

I have recently just picked up the g920’s though I would highly recommend picking these up.

With absolutely no tuning adjustments, the wheel has shaved around 3 -4 secs off my times around Yas marina

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