Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 wheel comments

hello forza lovers,
I am thinking of getting a new wheel and pedals. I would love to purchase the Fanatec wheel but they are out of stock. I found a bunch of Thrustmaster ferrari wheels on ebay. Please give feedback on the these wheels:

I have used the 458 spider on Xbox one and even though it doesn’t have force feedback it does have a rubber band like feel that’s ok. I just got the TX and its totally different from those wheels. So if it was me I would go with the 458 spider

I will tell you one thing, never get a wheel without FFB, they don’t have the right feel at all.

Personally, if your going to spend money on a wheel, spend it on a PC compatible wheel, and then play games on there. For that, I would recommend a G27.

If you want to buy a wheel for the 360 though, wait until you have the chance to get a CSR, you won’t regret it.

Assuming you’re looking for a wheel for the 360, the first link in your post is a wheel for the XB1 and isn’t compatible with the 360. I have the Thrustmaster 458 Spider wheel for the XB1 and it’s a great wheel for the price. It doesn’t have FFB, but it still gives nice resistance due to the rubber band system they use in it. Another wheel worth a look would be the official MS wireless racing wheel. It has full FFB and is a great wheel IMO. I use to have one for my 360 and loved it! Just make sure if you look around for those that it’s the version 2 model as the version 1 had problems with overheating and frying the insides. Good luck!

thank you , I am just going to wait for the fanatec wheel. I have a buddy that is selling the G27 for 150 US. I can get that but I cant use on 360. So im thinking to start playing some games on the PC. like project cars or Iracing. It will be extremely hard to get away from Forza though.
I did find a converter for the G27 but its $80 and all reviews are negative. there is also another PS3 to Xbox360 converter for 15.99 which works the same but u don’t get the FFB

Shop around Ebay or even CList to see if anyone is selling a Fanatec near you. Another place to look is on the “Inside Sim Racing” forums in their buy/sell area.