They are censoring songs again?

Really wish they would add the custom radio back in, anyone know why they removed it?

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The service they were using is no longer an active streaming service

Groove, I think it was called. Another business Microsoft paid big bucks for, then shut down. Nokia & Mixer are two others that I know of.

So annoyed I’ll never get those Mixer Star Card things in FH4. Yeah, not really. But for the completists out there, a real nightmare.


Yep…I’m more of a completionist type so the mixer crap was infuriating


This was the censorship I first picked up on. And it was extremely weird.

Also Karma the Knife’s “To err is to be Human, but to [gamble] is to be a fool.” I mean… within context, the line is making a statement against gambling. And even without context, gambling itself might be financially irresponsible but is ultimately not the worst thing on Earth.

Even weirder is what they choose not to censor (according to their logic). “I let my demons take over” sounds pretty messed up to me. With how trivial the other words they’ve censored are, you’d think a dark line like that would also get cut.

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They actually went in and censored even more of Karma the Knife and a few others recently. This is getting old.

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Any other censors you can think of? Specifically ones that mute words that wouldn’t be questionable for children.

They butchered Intergalactic too. For example, here’s some lines from it in the game…

“Well, if you [censored] me I feel reviled”

(the censored word is “battle”)

“If you want to [censored] you’re in denial”

(the censored word is “battle” again)

“Comin’ from [censored] to check my style”

(the censored word is “uranus”, as in the planet)

All of those are ridiculous, did they forget Pokemon is rated E for everyone and litterally revolves around ‘battling’? Or that battling doesn’t strictly have to involve violence?

And don’t even get me started on that last one – it is just absolutely juvenile! It’s a PLANET and the song is treating it like a planet!

Listening to the song in-game made me question of it had F bombs I didn’t know about. I thought to myself “Wait, that’s not like the Beastie Boys, they were a mostly clean rap group.”

Welcome to Demolition Man, man.