They are censoring songs again?

While i could understand that they censored songs in FH4 later with a patch because of age rating changes or whatever the reason was.
But i cannot understand why they are censoring songs in FH5 right from the start. Could they not find enough songs that would not require censoring at all?

Around here, radio versions of songs tend to be censored as a matter of course so I wouldn’t think twice about it… if there was a single song in the game I knew and liked which was censored.

I said this ages ago… you know why?.. because the trailer music was censored too.

Censoring seems to be pretty random. That beastie boys song is a prime example words are being censored that don’t seem offense to me.

What’s up with Forza censoring so many perfectly fine words in music?

I get that they’re aiming for an E rating. But some of the stuff that gets cut out of music is just plain ridiculous…

Take this for example. This is a line from “Unperson” by Nothing But Thieves

“Now my [blank] can barely function, it’s ugly
No longer fit for public [blank]
Well I guess that’s something”

Who wants to guess what the blanks are? “spirit” and “consumption”. What is offensive about either of those words? I’m not quite sure. I can understand removing common swear words, but random stuff like that? That doesn’t add much to your E for everyone rating.

Don’t even get me started on “Teardrops” by Bring Me The Horizon. Roughly 40% of the song is censored, and while there are some common swears in it, a lot of it is just stuff that doesn’t make sense at all.

This has been going on since midway through the lifespan of Forza Horizon 4, and while a lot of it makes sense, some of it is just plain confusing.

I’d be really interested to have someone from the PG team leave a response here, this has left me curious for a while now.


Why would they even add the songs in if they’re just going to censor them?


Yeah. The fact that the main part of the trailer song for FH5 has censored words is just crazy. Like, it’s the song in the trailer, you could’ve just picked another song if you have to censor it.

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I just don’t get why they picked those songs in the first place. Even their own trailer was censored… it requires bad leadership to allow these mistakes to go on.


I mean, some genres of music are just gonna have stuff that needs cut out. Hip Hop and a lot of rock music have stuff that probably shouldn’t be in an E rated game. What bothers me is just cutting out random stuff that isn’t offensive, like the word “consumption” in Unperson

Probably a censor bot and it’s take on misheard lyrics.

Wouldn’t want to upset Karen by exposing her eight-year-old to music milder than Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion.


I’m guessing they just brought in some editors to get rid of anything they didn’t like, so they got rid of every word that one person on the entire planet might be offended by for no reason at all

Evidently my comment triggered someone. Relax,you’re doing fine!
And that is why silly things get censored and banned.

I wouldn’t have a clue if songs are censored, as I have radio volume is set to zero. So all the songs are censored do me.


Bots are used when there are hundreds of things that you can’t check for. 20 songs doesn’t come under that category.

I wouldn’t take that bet if I was you lol.

The Beasties Boys edit is atrocious. :frowning: I’ve decided the volume is best set to zero. Skill songs still pop up, so i am not missing out on those…

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I shudder to think how many skillpoints I’ve missed due to never having skill songs. Radio off. If only there was a Forza Motorsport 2 station :smiley:

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You can just turn the radio volume down to zero keep the radio on but you cant hear it, that way you still get the skill songs.

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Agreed. Sometimes I just get tired of the censoring so I grab my laptop and blast my favorite playlist. Works every time. You just sadly lose the way the music changes when you enter a festival or tunnel.

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