Ok so ive been watching the fourms for FM7 alot lately, waiting on info for fixes, patches…anything actually. Theres ALOT of anger with how Turn 10 is handling things, and their silence. Personally, ive been wanting to defend Turn 10 and FM7 but heres the deal with FM7s issues…PAY ATTENTION TURN 10…WITHOUT mentioning bugs…or multiplayer…

other than the new cars, and higher res, these are the same car models theyve used since FM4…note the same balloony tires on muscle cars, and the 77 mustangs exaust pipes.
driver gear? kinda cool idea, but racing happens IN a car…cant see what drivers are wearing…except helmets…and its not like you have time to check out someones helmet during a race…
what happened to the lady talking about the cars? or the engine/body weight/ etc etc info? every time i go in close to an engine…the tab is there…but no info…weird.
when your looking at putting on wheels or tires…the car has a weird distorted look…on tire bigger than the other…and the car looks like your looking through a fish lens…not sure if this is a regular bug its clearly happening to my copy…again…weird.
remember when we had multiple home spaces? in FM4 we even had a beautiful outside home space…thatd be awesome to have back…
speaking of homespaces…why is the one in FM& look so dark and drab? even car colors look washed and bland…which brings me to…
why is it when i put metal flake paint on, you cant see the metal flake? it looks almost like a gloss color…
VIP…ok were not gonna touch this…its been ground to death already…although it STILL hasnt been fixed…
why cant i look around inside cars now, in forzavista?
why has some of the customization been taken out…we got white letter tires in FH3 on some cars…not here except FE cars…speaking of which…
why cant we take those big giant spoilers off on some FE cars? we could before…
theres actually been alot of customization options taken out over the years…tinted tail lights (FM1 or 2 i forget but it was there), headlight covers with front spoilers(FM4), and remember when we could add a Saleen body kit to the mustang? that may be a licensing thing though…
these are just some of what ive personally noticed so far…but theres some good though…
overall it is a good looking game…and as a car freak i appreciate that…
uh…most of the time the car handling is pretty good…it goofs up here and there though…
this COULD be an awesome addition the the ForzaMotorsport family…but it feels rushed and unfinished.
TURN 10…PLEEEEEEEASE…if we cant get updates quickly (i know they take time) PLEASE PLEASE just communicate with your loyal and new fanbase. Alot of the backlash could be avoided by just saying " hey guys, we know theres issues. We are working on them." or " hey guys, we are working on a patch, and it’ll be ready and released soon, " anything along those lines. Anyway im gonna stick with it for the long haul, ive been a HUGE FM fan for many many years, and im hopeful for the future of Forza.


Came for class action, found a wishlist. Left disappointed.


It just doesn’t stop…


do you expect it too?, have they restored forza to its former glory?, if not its foolish to expect us to not complain after we just got bilked for 60-150 dollars (most of whom cannot get a refund like me, because we bought our game in a real store), pending on what version you bought and in what country you bought it in… for the 145-150 i dropped i feel i have A LOT more complaining to do, unless they want to fix the thing they broke that i’m complaining about… in which cases i’ll have 3 words for them " FINALLY!!!" and “thank you”.


There are numerous cars where you see more of the driver than just a helmet. I just wish we could have driver gear selection as part of a car’s saved design.


do agree that the FM have been getting less and less about the cars. That’s what brought me ( and surely a lot of people) away from gran turismo and to Forza. Alas I am afraid the times of putting the “passion for cars” first is gone. Honestly all I ever wanted was the home spaces from FM4 and the “autovista” from FM4 but for every car. That in its own would be a love letter to car enthusiast and would ignite the fire to collect every car.


Well, friend, as it goes: all good things must come to an end.

I think they have lost heart by the 7th game. The passion got blurred along the way. Money’s such a corrupter, ain’t it? I remember long time back, when FM2 got released… I could NOT wait to sign off from work, floor it all the way home just to have a FM2 session. The days man… the days! I’d write a case study on this if I could.

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Don’t know that money is the problem this time, if it was they would have done a better job. As it is this installment could possibly kill the franchise. I think they have lost touch with their consumers. Racers want to race and this game provides nothing new on that front, it is actually a massive step backwards. Oh well time to go back to PlayStation and the new Gran Turismo.


I was referring to TOO MUCH of it. They have the money - they are most likely having the time of their lives when not working on anything remotely related to Forza (mostly FM8 and F7 DLC). You have too much money, and there’s a strong urge to sit on your laurels and just grind it along as long as the sales figures look good. That is what I spoke of, friend!

If every single diehard fan of this franchise presses T10 for quality like some of us do, you would see a product that wreaks of quality, panache and polish. People are just willing to settle for less, unfortunately, as long as what they see on their expensive TVs looks good and makes them feel good about mashing the throttle and seeing the screen move along faster.

Unfortunately, there’s many out there who probably do not care about the little details, that add up and have made Forza so great in the past (I’m eyeballing you FM4), so they will settle for less, and accept much lower standards even if they have dished out $100. That, and the fact that GTS and CARS2 on console from a quality standpoint are still abysmal. So no competition, not enough demand for quality from ALL the fans - THIS is exactly what happens.


The new GT is horrific for single player gamers like myself. Unless you love multiplayer it is a monumental step backwards and fans should justifiably be upset.

FM7 for me has brought me back to my passion levels that I had when playing FM4.

Additionally I am not sure what “new” materials one would ask for in a racing game. Unless they implement rally racing, hill climb events or other such things then the genre is what it is- RACING.


Simple: depth.

There is a huge list of things that would improve the racing in the game, either directly or indirectly. Some of them are a little “hardcore” but many of them would be simple options that could be toggled on and off depending on how players want the lobby/races to run.

-Fuel burn multiplier
-Tire wear multiplier
-More in-depth damage and wear
-Smart pit stops where you can choose how much fuel/which tires to change to what compound
-Improved lobby restrictions to help us set up lobbies for organized racing
-A car build system where you can share a build for a car like a tune, but it would have areas of the tune open so you can still adjust gears/brakes
-Our own custom homologation groups that we can construct and share with our friends and then organize races with
-More control over weather so that we can create consistent conditions to run organized races in
-Balance system for cars using restrictor plates and ballast numbers that we can set
-More precise upgrade options instead of some of the larger jumps we have now
-More upgrade options that are suited to different types of cars (for example vintage racing transmissions that are fully tune-able but only 4 speeds)
-More in-depth tuning options
-Better race type organization for multiclass racing and end conditions (end time +1 lap so you actually race back to the finish line to end the race, like most real series run)



  • more transmission options, not just vintage. but any transmission from 4 to 9 speed… for any car they can theoretically be put in; 9 speed transmission have been around fort at least 2 years now, some cars have them stock now and want them to be an industry standard)
  • wind (wind effects driving in many ways, high wind can even effect your ability to drive straight)
  • variable ambient temperature (this would affect tire tuning, esspecially in endurance races)
  • visual pit crews like NASCAR games had about 15 years ago
  • more types of spoilers each with their own unique performance charactistics
  • tunable superchargers/turbo chargers

of course until they undo the homologation system or make it optional these are all just pointless additions to distract from the broken core of the game

omg…one more whining thread, … enough!!!


“why is it when i put metal flake paint on, you cant see the metal flake? it looks almost like a gloss color”
Noticed this last night. Doesn’t show up in pictures also.


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Isnt it funny how older games from 15+ years ago gave us more options, more ability to modify cars than what games these days do :thinking: when they actually knew what people wanted so they gave the people just that and not what they think we want.

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I suspect all of what is listed above are not simple add-ons to the game and many of them could be limitations to the game engine itself or even current console technology.

Fab ideas but I suspect they’re for another generation of console…

I can sympathize with the OP on some points. I feel the same way about features disappearing for no apparent reason, with no explanation. But some people are posting features that belong in a true sim-racer… Forza, since it’s inception has never been marketed as a Hardcore sim racer. Without outright claiming so, I feel like it’s niche is the grey area between sim-racer and arcade-racer. That’s what brought me to Forza from GT… Being able to add cool real world aero kits, wheels, wings, and paint jobs/liveries to my cars. GT always felt sterile in those regards. Seven titles in, and it’s like they forgot what made people like their product in the first place.

Unfortunately Forza/T10 has devolved into a shadow of it’s former self, and has lost touch with the fan base. To put it simply, T10 seems more and more like that best friend you grew up with, but got famous and forgot about you. I think that’s something a lot of people, myself included need to get used to, and find “new friends” so to speak.