The New car points system: it would be better if it where more lenient

as Stated in the title, I believe that the new car points feature is a good idea on paper however i would like to express some concerns on behalf of the community

this is Great on paper, Potentially problematic in practice,

  • Many people enjoy the sandbox style of Forza games in the fact they can buy any car that want (given they have the credits) and upgrade or tune any car in any way they please, I feel as if the car points feature will be cool for the first time you do it, but lets say if you want to build a very specific type of car, you will need to purchase this then grind, in this specific car for around 3 - 4 hours (if not longer) to earn the right to upgrade that car, and that car only, not any other car from the car list, manufacturer, or even repeat of the same car

  • this will cause the car pool in events to be reduced as many people will just go with the car that is easiest to upgrade in the shortest amount of time, this may also deduct fun from the community if people want to drive one specific group of cars together they need to put aside an entire day to upgrade it before hand, this is good for player retention in the short term but however in the long term they will not do this as it will be a tedious and repetitive process

  • people are going to be less likely to drive a large variety of cars because of it. For example, if a person isn’t a huge fan of a certain new car and it’s not that fast for competitive play, they aren’t going to want to invest a bunch of time into achieving the car points even if it is really fun to drive when it’s fully upgraded.

  • People may be unable to compete in online competitions due to them not having the required car or a car that isn’t to spec and they again will need to commit a large amount of time that they may not have into the game, this may loose player retention as they are unable to compete and unable to upgrade as a result of this change

  • I for one enjoy experimenting with upgrading different specs and to compete with them, I would be less likely to do this and invest time into the game if I have to first to a three to five hour long session to unlock and purchase the upgrades that I need, especially as I will be changing upgrades constantly getting the car to a spec that I want, for example making a road car to spec with GT3 or GTE

  • I am one of those people that loves having to work to get special perks (in this case upgrades). But I even think that this is a little too far having to level up every single car to get upgrades on all your vehicles. Especially for copies of car that you already have

  • a solution to this issue would be to make Car points manufacturer specific or make some upgrades purchasable through credits, making car points or upgrade prices cheaper or more lenient as many people don’t have the time to invest into this system