Car Points and Player-Initiated Events

I have a disquieting concern that the car points system for Forza Motorsport 8, such as it is, is way too detrimental to the game’s player recruitment and retention if it’s not already reformed for player-initiated events like leagues and ad hoc races.

Some problems with the car point system are listed in the post below for those who wish to peruse.

What I propose is to treat a player’s current car point budget as an optional restriction rather than an exclusive restriction for player-initiated events. If league/race organizers and possibly even the entire grid also have the option to set upgrade restrictions without car points by dictating, voting or banning whichever and however many upgrades before or between such events, as well as other options for setting car-specific, race-specific and serie-specific car point budgets, I’d say that, among other things, would be a good compromise against using only car points for events initiated solely by the game.

The idea is for organizers to have as much time as they need to publish and promote their own events with the given upgrade restrictions so that players can more quickly and easily prepare for them without any unwanted hassle from an upgrade system more suited to game-initiated events rather than player-initiated events.