Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

I watched HokiHoshi’s video and it doesn’t look like my cup of tea. The car handling or maybe it’s the camera looks really stiff.

The upgrading and tuning of the cars looks pretty rudimentary and it doesn’t look like you can share tunes.

The car customization looks pretty basic even in comparison to FH. All I saw was changing interior colors and a very small selection of wheels.

I don’t see the game having long term success and they’re very lucky FH6 isn’t coming this year or anytime in the near future by the looks of things.

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I have played a few hours of the Steam Demo of TDU SC. Have to say i’m not impressed :frowning: I was going to pre order but based on the demo i will, initially, be saving my money, unless they make vast improvements over the next 3 months.
Caveated by not knowing what build this demo is, but should be pretty new, if they are wishing to entice people to purchase?
There are some proper fan boys on YT, pushing that this game will be vastly improved by release, but i can’t see it based on 6 years of development.

Disliked the car handling, although not helped by the stuttering graphics. Upgrades are very rudimentary, no fine tuning options. Car customization is very basic, just paint, wheels and interior. You can change the tyres based on road, offroad etc. Difficulty level is set by the game and can’t be set manually. Not sure how the Servers are going to hold up for an always online game. There were massive issues at the start of the demo with not being able to log in. Load times are horrendous.
Positives - car sounds, that is about it!


Some info from me.

Progression: In 4,5hours I’ve managed to earn around 1mil and level 16. Have not bought anything besides few upgrades for starting car. It looks like price in connected with PI of the car e.g. 404PI Merc SLK was 250k, Audi TT was 500k, BMW M4 was 800k and 600PI Porsche Taycan was 1,5mil. Can’t remember PI for Audi and BMW, but it was pretty linear.
Don’t know how I feel about cars behind “double barrier” - money and your level.
It looks like there will be some daily events/missions in the future, which looks interesting.

Races/difficulty: IDK, sometimes I was finishing with 20sec gap to 2nd, sometimes I had to block AI, and sometimes I had to pray to finish on podium. I don’t understand why AI doesn’t even up to players PI. No idea how is that supposed to work. Especially with open bracket e.g. PI 500-600 and I’m in 550PI and AI in 586PI car.
That always online/multiplayer mode is annoying too, cause even if you are only real person, you can’t pause. There is also no “restart” in races, so you either have to leave race and start over or finish race and restart from finishing screen. There are some solo races, but most of them are “multiplayer”.

Physics: IMO full arcade.
I’m playing on keyboard. Without TCS/ABS ON it was playable, but understandably with ABS OFF it was locking up and with TCS OFF I had issues with uncontrollable snap oversteer at higher speeds. I’ve spent 95% of the time in starting car (Mustang). AWD cars had better launch, but every car felt pretty similar.
Maybe on wheel/controller it is better experience.
In chase cam car moves weirdly, especially when they are in the air. With bumper/hood cam it felt better.

Graphics: That was first time when I heard fans in my new PC :wink: And that was on “low”.
Funnily enough, after changing settings to “high” and 2 restarts it was working better. Was not going below 45FPS.
IMO visually it is not even close to FH. Maybe there is a reason we don’t have big city in FH.

Map: (roads) I liked the hills and docks. City was meh, maybe roads are too wide?. Dirt was not enjoyable probably because of physics.
It was interesting to have “alternative” routes - many races have roads with medians and you can decide which side to use.
Aboslutely hate trees, lampposts and curbs. Fact that most city tracks uses 90 degrees corners where you can just cut through sidewalk is :-1: . Not as dumb as some “extensions” in FH street scene races, but still.
(house/clubs/showrooms) 50/50 on that. On one side it is nice to “stretch your legs”. Showrooms have so much wasted space. Everything is so fancy, but maybe that is just me. I’m keeping low profile :stuck_out_tongue:

UI: Not a fan. Still can’t understand why ABS/TCS is under car menu and not in settings.
But worst part is starting/finishing race. Start - cause you are forced to “invite” other people and can’t decide when to start and all you can do is wait. Finish - cause there is so many “finishing screens” and it takes sooo long (I may be exaggerating a bit, but there are many screens).
Map icons are terrible visually - it is hard for me to tell which are new, and which I’ve already completed. Snapping to icons is too strong.

Modifying cars/parts: Not a fan of using common/epic/legendary markings, but at the same time using name street/sport/race without colors is not that much different.
I hate the fact that parts are locked. same as cars, behind double barrier.
Still can’t understand why my turbo is not making any pressure.
Also still have no idea what “driving mode” is doing. Can’t feel differnce between them.

Minor annoyance:
Can’t change cars anywhere, only near garages/showrooms. Maybe that unlocks later.
That when I use “back view camera” it doesn’t rotate the map.

Not a fan, can’t recommend.
Feels like mobile game with high requirements.
It was fun to do night runs with bumper cam. And that is where it will probably shine. Free roam driving.

PS. sorry for wall of text and probably still have forgot something :slight_smile:


This is what makes me want to steer clear of this game. Need for Speed 2015 had the same problems, and I find it baffling some studio is trying this failed, single player unfriendly method again almost ten years later.

Wooshed again.


Agree with everything you have said. I had more fun in free drive than racing :frowning:

Tried the demo yesterday and could only manage 20 minutes this time. Racing and driving there is just zero connect with the road or any type of feel unless you are drifting…it really does feel like the car is floating in the air rather than driving on a road. Even the old NFS games had some connect to the road. I just can’t drive a car like that.

Graphically, it does look very good, though the AI traffic cars look wrong and the characters look like they are from the PS1 era.

I certainly won’t be buying it as I don’t see them fixing the issue with road feel, which is a shame as I had high hopes for a long time…then again, it’s not the first time I’ve been disappointed by a game I highly anticipated but, at least this time, I found out before wasting money

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So true, i’m glad they released this demo. I have cancelled my pre order, but will review again once the game is released to see what improvements have been made

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Few more hours in. And maybe I should back off from my “arcade” statement. Again, I’m on keyboard, so I’ve “limited experience” :wink:
Tried few more cars. Starting to see difference between them. Yet to find FWD car.
Surprisingly Corvette ZR1 is harder to control than Shelby Daytona :person_shrugging:
Still though “chase camera” can go straight into dumpster. Absolutely bad.

Decided to max out graphics. Now my fans are running all the time :rofl: . Sometimes FPS drop below 30 or even 20, but it looks pretty nice now.
Although IMO still not as nice as in that video.

And now I don’t know if he is lying about his PC specs or maybe I’m doing something wrong with my settings or maybe there is some hidden auto-adjust. IDK.
Traffic cars still looks wonky, but now I’m starting to enjoy driving around city. Especially at night. Gives nice Getaway in Stockholm vibes :wink:

I like that there are gas stations around city. Would be nice if we would have to buy gas. Is that a thing? Haven’t noticed it.
There are also “repair/wash your car” spaces on gas stations and now I start to wonder if that “repair” is only for visuals or mechanical too, because…
I still have no idea how AI works in races. I’m either winning easily or can’t catch up. Funnily enough it has nothing to do with PI. Now I’m using 400PI Lancia Delta. For example in race that allowed up to 650PI came 2nd. Did beat few 4XX, 5XX and 6XX cars, lost to 5XX car with 10+sec gap.

Not a fan of tuning/modifications. I mean it is not that much different (buying parts) from FH, but for some reason when I pick parts in FH it feels like I’m building something and in TDU… IDK, I feel nothing. Maybe because (most of the time) I don’t have to fit it into any PI limit? Maybe because there is no tuning?

Although, I will say that I’m starting to enjoy it. I still think it is better for free roam driving. If I would be into cruising I would probably buy it. Or at least consider it.


Sounds like the most effort was put into how the vehicles sound but as Hoki Hoshi said along the lines if you don’t get the driving feel right

What size is the demo download?


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Free demo on Steam is available until 17th June

Would like to add something.
After upgrading the car, changing camera to hood/bumper, ignoring the fact that I’m in big&heavy F150 pickup, setting TCS to 25%, ignoring (or turning off) braking line (cause it is completely wrong), forgetting how much grip offroad tires have in FH → I’m having fun :slight_smile: It gives nice rally stage vibes.
Currently I have 3 races available, one of them is without opponents. Running with AI sucks and I haven’t seen option to turn them off. Probably would recommend setting waypoint in free roam and just pretending you are on rally stage.
On plus side I would also add reasonable size jumps and tight hairpins :wink:

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Did I miss the part that someone warned about having to sign up and give them your email addy.

That was a waste of 43GB, Uninstalled

Sounds like it will be a complete failure like that crew game cause if the vehicles don’t feel great there’s no point in playing.

Good news for Playground Games cause FH5 was Solid for what it is