Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

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All that’s been released is 2 cg trailers and no gameplay; implying that its closer to what Horizon fans want is silly.

Hello again,

Just to clarify, I am very excited like you for a new Test Drive, but there’s just not enough information me to consider how it will actually compare to Horizon. That being said its better for the genre as a whole if there’s competition, so perhaps Solar Crown will bring something to the table the inspires the devs in the next iteration of the game. When NFS Heat came out, the Motorsport team said during Forza monthly the exhaust tuning system in that game was in inspiration on the importance of improving sound quality in the next engine. So ya, I’m also excited, but given the game won’t release until almost a year after Horizon 5 who knows how it’ll turn out.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of what I’ve heard so far. Call it very high expectations, but I was expecting the series to stick to its formula, and it seems they’re only following it loosely. Sure, it has an island that is a 1:1 scale of the real thing, but they chose a tiny island that’ll barely be bigger the next Horizon map. Houses are apparently gone as well, and who knows if dealers will even make the cut. They tried to modernize it, and it looks like they went to far. The only thing that may still make it a cut above the rest is if the voice acting isn’t horribly cringeworthy and if they keep this semi-serious tone that a lot of racing games have done away with recently to appease modern nine-year-olds and their mothers.


LOL, check their other games. They can’t build games and OW is 10 times harder. It will be big fail as everything from them. Competition is good this is not a competition.

Keep in mind, this is not the same dev that made TDU and TDU2… Eden Studios (now Eden Games) has nothing to do with this game. Atari is just the publisher.

Exactly, they can’t build it at all.

I’ll be getting TDU without a doubt. Try not to consider it as a foe of Forza…it’s a totally different type of game. I’ve enjoyed all Forza games since day one and the same goes for TDU and will continue to. Shoot, I still play TDU on PC with the revived servers and mods, it’s a blast!

I welcome it with open arms… even if it’s terrible. I bet I’ll still enjoy it.

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I’ll wait till I see the car physics in gameplay mode.

Check other games from them. It will be bad…

I probably still have more time spent on TDU and TDU2 then all my Forza games from FM2 to present and I’ll be getting the new TDU Solar Crown without any expectations on physics or handling. I’ll just take the game for what it is and was for me and my son chasing each all around the island.

I could still take a vacation to Hawaii and jump in a rental and not need a map to get anywhere.

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Exactly this. I don’t understand the pessimism and gripe towards the games. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Literally doesn’t affect them if they just look the other way.

I’ll enjoy it like I enjoyed The Crew games. Maybe never as good as Forza but I don’t consider them rivals.

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That’s the way nature works, evolution, and Neural networks… constantly trying to improve. You can’t argue with our obedience to nature.

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Demo for PC is available on steam.
Is there any “discussion thread” that I’ve missed? I’ve looked in Miscellaneous part of the forum, but with no luck. Or maybe we can’t discuss about other games here?

Just from watching that video (and few others), it doesn’t look too promising for me, but I was never on “hype train”, so IDK. Downloading it anyway, will test in few hours.


We can discuss them. There’s also a The Crew Motorfest topic.

I hope Solar Crown does well. Until now I’ve only heard mixed reviews. The devs say they want to make it feel more sim than FH5 but seeing Hoki’s video they’re not quite there yet. I hope it does well though. Will be good for FH5 and (possibly?) FH6 to have some competition. Hopefully that will be good for all these games.

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The little bit I’ve seen and read it doesn’t seem great.

Proper grind fest, 200 hours to unlock a Bugatti? I’ll pass.

Haven’t tried it yet though I will be trying later today. I took part in the closed beta last year and was mostly disappointed with it…yes, it looked good graphically but car handling was rubbish (the starter car was really floaty and no road connect). Having said that, I only played 30 minutes as the copyright stuff covering the screen was too distracting.

Prior to the Beta, I had high hopes for this game that it would provide an alternative to FH as I have bored of that but nothing I’ve seen so far says it will.

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Based on what I’ve seen of the demo I’m definitely waiting until the full game has been out many months and they’ve patched out most of the bugs, though that might very well be a big if. I really don’t understand the heavy focus on multiplayer either. You’d think with how unhinged online racing in Horizon can be, KT would make mp lobbies optional. I sure hope they don’t double down on that design choice. Imagine not being able to progress through the game because you kept being put into a lobby full of rammers.

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I saw some videos of this game… its like all the worst story parts from FH5 combined with the graphics of FH2. super cringe. why does this game even exist, is the bigger question, it brings absolutely nothing to the genre.

they seriously lost me with the cosmetic surgery menu. hard pass lol