Ok Playground, I’m breaking up with you

It’s not me, it’s definitely you, and here’s why.

You took an extra year (3 years) to add a new map to Horizon 4, and a few new features which are neither here nor there to most players.

And don’t even work properly.

Don JoWong song, your biggest YT supporter, deserted the game on December 5th.

Over three weeks ago.

How bad did you mess up to alienate him!!!

That’s how much you messed up. That’s impressive on a Cyberpunk 2077 level :slight_smile:

If you’d taken everything in H4, added a new map, I’d have been on board for 18 months.

But you didn’t did you?

You bafflingly once again delivered multiple 60 second circuits and endless POINTLESS point to points, and as a reward gave Goliath.

If the REWARD for RACING in a racing game is Goliath, then a long circuit must mean something to a lot of people right?

So you give them ONE long circuit!!!

No one credit farms on your pathetic 50 seconds circuits do they?

So give your studio junior a day to create 20 cool 5-10 minute tracks!!!

If I can do it, why can’t YOU!

The benefit of YOU doing it over me, is that when YOU do it, it can be included in RIVALS.

And that’s a cool feature for those who love RACING in a RACING game.

With over a million people doing rivals laps on just S1 Goliath, the question would be, why not do a Reverse Goliath?

Or a reverse Colossus?

Or longer tracks generally?

If over a million people put in rivals laps on S1 Goliath, why mess around with the childish weekly ‘drive this car, turn a corner in this car, fart whilst in this car, take a photo in this location, flip off a cop here’ random BUSYWORK to get 2 Forzathon points?

These are not CHALLENGES, they are an embrassing waste of time

And then make it IMPOSSIBLE to earn weekly cars unless you have multiplayer!!!

And don’t get me started on Forzathon points!!!

I have over 3000 of them.

You know how many I’ve spent?


You know why?

Every car in the Forzathon shop?


And 300 Forza points for a wheel-spin?

I’d rather race to get my wheel-spins thank you very much!!!

Oh, hang on, the included courses are so short you can do them in 2-3 minutes!

Seems at least a decent percentage of users want to, oh I don’t know, RACE in a RACING game!

Here’s the bottom line, that all your market research seemed to miss.

You took Forza Motorsport, and at first crested an accessible open works racing game.

And after a few years you destroyed the concept of an open world RACER and filled it with Santa costumes, and other stuff NO ONE GIVES A TOSS ABOUT!!!

And all this is before we get to the current issue.

YOUR game is bugged beyond belief.

You managed to take H4, add a few pointers features, and make it broken beyond belief.

Horizon 4 is and will remain my all time FAVE game of all time (I’m 53 and played video games since Space Invaders and Pong)

So Im no hater. I ante to love H5.

But after the initial gloss passes?

It’s utter poop.

Oh, screw it!

I’m going back to Ride 4, and Motorsport 7.

Horizon is now dead to me.

THREE years I waited for this utter mess.

I have one more question.

What are the chances I’ll pre order H6?

Absolutely ZERO!


I think H6 will not even delivered anymore as physical or pre-order game. It will be only accessable through Window Live Gold or the Ultimate Game Pass. Unfortunately the future seems to be cloud gaming. And just like streaming it has a bad ecological footprint

Btw we are almost the same age - I get 53 in one and a half month :wink:

If DJS is deserting the game than who is getting accolades for him? Couse I’m pretty sure he got a few more points the past week.
Anyway Ride 4? That is your alternative to FH5? I rather go back to FH2 or 3.

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False news. If you read his tweet he never said he was quitting. He was just straight up honest and said the game is unplayable for him personally.

Exactly! All this unnecessary drama just for announcing someones departure.

Now that I think. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a pinned thread for Departures/Arrivals.

Not so much announcing my departure, more letting Playground know that I played FH4 for 18 months and am bored to death with FH5 after 6-7 weeks, mostly due to the bugs.

I think they should know that.

Sorry it offended you so much.


Ride 4, Moto GP 2021, Wreckfest, Motorsport 7, etc are RACING games.

As is FH5.

That’s why the cover has a top end hypercar on it!

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I’m nearly 59. Done everything to do with computer games to the point where people no longer believe you.

False news?

DJS hasn’t posted anything in almost a month!

That’s not false news, that’s what’s called a FACT.

Here we go again…

Sounds hard but maybe you are too old for this game… btw it is targeted at kids/teens

As “expert” u know Colossus is longest street track atm so i’m sure it’s a typo :wink: so yeah Colossus + Goliath = “ONE long circuit”

And the other 13+ million people? ~800K in Colossus + ~1.1M in Goliath S1 rivals is not much compared to a total of 14+M players (13.7M in hof) and btw ppl are forced to complete 1 lap in rivals for the accolades so yeah the number should be way higher or it “proves” ppl dont like long circuits/rivals
(and most of these ppl are kids/teens with an “attention span of a goldfish” so you cant put lots of 10+ minutes races in a game like this)

So he is the reference for everything??? Dont get it and lots of other youtubers out there… btw is he supporting the game or is yt/twitch some business?

Na it’s YOU you’re playing the wrong game… it’s some “arcadish sandbox donttakeitseriousbuthavefun racing game” but u want something like forza motorsport so dont try to bend this title play other games (wich fits your needs) instead…

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Sounds hard but maybe you are too old for this game… btw it is targeted at kids/teens

That’s a tad patronising.

FH4 is my all time fave game.

I spent 18 months or more in that world, collected every car, every home, and raced custom routes for months.

So your comment is misinformed at best, and ageist at worse.

The problem is, FH4 wasn’t a bug ridden mess.

It actually worked.

For me the most important thing in FH4 that worked, was the route creator.

7 weeks in to FH5, it’s a bug ridden disaster.

We’ve had 2 patches and one of them actually made the game worse.

Nothing works properly.

And that’s got nothing to do with my age.

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The average age of gamers in the U.S. is 35. THAT is their target customer base.
Only 20% of gamers, Worldwide, are under 18.
7% of gamers are over 65!
Kids don’t buy games and gaming systems, their Mommies & Daddies do.


It doesnt matter whats the avg customer-age is. PGG is going the “extra mile” to get the game “E” rated so the target is not the avg age.
And you can’t compare target with customers (btw the “customer” in this case is 53 thats 10-15%)

Mommy & Daddy is buying the stuff but do they play later?..

anyway thx for pointing that out

Some valid points from OP here.

My problem is there is absolutely nothing new in FH5. They copied the worst features from FH4 like Trailblazers, Accolades (from it’s DLCs) and build their new game around them. Apart from solo capture the flag or infected, the game brings absolutely nothing new to the table gameplay wise. I think the Circuits and races were far more enjoyable in FH4 and felt intelligently crafted. I don’t get that feeling in FH5.

Arcade is a good concept but 99% of the time, I am alone completing it. Forzathons in FH4 had 10-15 people which felt great.

Some of the accolades in Creative section are meant only for Star Youtubers and an average joe will not be able to complete them. There is zero skill involved. Only your popularity on youtube is all that takes to complete them. I reject this design decision with utmost hatred.

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Have you checked DJS’s community tab ? FH5 doesn’t work for him at all currently.

And you think he “Deserted” the game permanently for that ? No, he just said that he tried everything to get FH5 working but it didn’t work

Plus, if the tracks are too short and bland… use Track Creator… you can absolutely do everything with it now,

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Not working for me.

I tried starting at a circuit to make a circuit and it made a point to point to 50 metres short of the finish line.

I tried doing 2 lap race but it crashed at the end of lap 1.

I tried doing 1 lap race and it froze after the finish.

I spent a year in FH4’s route creator. I had around 50 custom track and had tons of fun racing them.

I’d love to do that in FH5’s route creator, but the Drivatars are so painfully slow in any user created route, it’s pointless.

I’ve duplicated some built in tracks, and tested the Drivatar speed, and for some reason, the Drivatars in any custom route race at around Average, even when set on unbeatable.

And nearly two months in not only hasn’t Playground dealt with that, they’ve not even acknowledged it as an issue.

Using DJS as a yardstick for whether the game is broken or not isn’t always the best way of doing it…apparently he has form for this and, last time he made a fuss, he got a one-off car and livery. When he posted that, yes, the game was close to broken but it got fixed (at least the main issues he mentioned). His most recent Twitter update says he’s bee quiet lately due to some personal issues so that may explain his not being around.

Regarding the 1 Million+ doing Goliath Rivals: How many of those times are exploited times? Where they created a short custom track to set a time on it? I imagine probably 50% of them are not genuine times (that’s a guess as I haven’t imvestigated). I do agree that we need more long tracks and/or reverse ones etc…just using Rivals as a yardstick on this game is pointless given the free rein hackers and exploiters have been given in that game mode

A few at the top are exploited times, but the rest are real.

That means that on S1 alone, a MILLION people took the time to do a rivals time.

I didn’t count the rest of the divisions,

Safe to say a lot of people love racing Goliath, be it for farming credits, or for rival times.

And Playground in their infinite wisdom decided to create ONE built in long circuit.


And yet we have Santa suits, millions of horns almost no one uses, and other perks that are a sad pathetic joke.

Sure, horizon has brought Danger Signs (I love them), Drift zones (love them too), speed zones (love those) and much more, but in essence, it’s a racing game.

And after completing EVERYTHING on the map, if I can’t just go race the massive map in competitive races the last more than 3 minutes, I’ll go race in another game.

There are not 50% exploited times.

As always once there are cheaters the cheating accusation gets thrown around too much.

Yes there are more cheated times than any previous game but not 50%.