Still Wishing For Elite Lobby

I am so sick of driving with people who take everyone out on turn one or on any turn. Whats the point? I don’t understand why I start every race dead last, but I’m sick of trying to pass 10 - 12 cars just to be at the front. All along the way I’m getting hit every other corner! Everyone makes mistakes but you can always tell when someone (^*%&) is going to run into everyone what bugs me the most is I usually have the fastest if not top 3 fastest lap times , but I’m racing 20 seconds behind because I’m getting taken out every other corner its stupid.

Make a VIP or Elite lobby where if your voted than your out of the lobby that way people will want to race clean. I bet half the 'Forza community would agree that they are sick of being top 1% but are racing at the back due to people wrecking everyone

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The population on these forums is quite vocal but represents a very small portion of all Forza players. Don’t mistake the vocal minority as a representation of the total population.

While many here would like to see Vote to Kick or an Elite lobby, it’s still only a very small portion of the community. Others may want it as well, but the only way that will happen is if more and more people register on these forums and voice their opinions - one way or another. Otherwise, the few here get heard but (chances are) their opinions go against the semi-casual gamer focus groups that Microsoft uses.

On a slightly related note, I’ve been playing the Exotics showcase a lot tonight. The rain soaked ribbons are a giant demolition derby lol.

yup for sure i would love that type of lobby… or even a no assists one. that way most of the idiots wont join it.

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