Horrendeous lobby driving

I apologize if this already have been adressed, but I have during my 15 years of online racing both on console and on PC never, ever encountered players that drive this badly. Noone, and I mean NO ONE seems to be able to judge their braking points, so there is always a huge pack of cars tumbling down the grass at turn one on any and every track. No one seems to know the rules of the track either, so if I brake later and has the line into the turn, the driver I’m about to pass just steers into the side of me, every time. And there are ppl on every server so far that just seems to be there to wreck others, taking the fun out of the game. I’m online to race, not to try to dodge bad and wreckers.

Not much better in the league lobbies either. And it does appear to be as bad in any lobby regarging car classes.

So whats to be done?

Realistic damage lobbies have been proposed, excellent idea I think. And the votekick system needs to be adressed, I have never seen anyone booted from a lobby in forza 5 or 6.

And why can’t we race a Mini in D-class? Seems dumb to exclude cars from racing when ppl can choose the Gurkha FF edition to race, a car that has no place on a track, and one sole purpose, to wreck others.

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Yes, it has. Please use the site Search.