Online Racing

So lately I’ve been trying to get more into racing online, I mean, why not? You get more money, experience, and reward points from online than single player, so I might as well try it. I’ve done about 40 races, winning medals in about 25 of them, and there’s one thing I can say. No one races like a real driver. 99% of the lobbies I’m in have the majority of people just ramming for the fun of it, ruining the race, and otherwise making the Forza experience unenjoyable for me. One specific example that left me raging like no other and quitting the game for about a week was a race on Bathurst Main (which btw, the race already sucks). I managed to be in 1st going into the very last turn before the finish, when someone in a Jeep (A class race) who was in last the entire game, rams me full speed at 90 degrees. I flipped into the wall, and, since I was using manual with clutch and haven’t fully mastered it yet, left me spinning in the sand. I wound up getting 13th instead of 1st. In conclusion, I think that Turn 10 needs to make lobbies with Collision Mode turned off. That way everyone can have a pleasant racing experience free from people who just want to ruin the game. Anyone else have any ideas on how to avoid these people/improve my experience?

TL;DR: I hate most of the people on Forza 5.

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