Steering wheel issues

Hi all, in the FH4 game i noticed that while using my steering wheel, I was not getting the same feeling like FH3. After watching videos I realised my game did not have certain wheel settings like cenre spring scale, wheel damper scale, force feedback understeer, wheel rotation angle. How do I access these settings too ?

You don’t mention which format you’re playing on (PC/Xbox).

I’m on Xbox so if you get in your car, then pause the game with start, You should see the settings option available.

Select that, then on the right handside you should see control settings. Select that, as I have a controller and wheel plugged in, I have to click the RB (shoulder button) to get to Wheel settings.

From there press start again to get to the advanced settings, which gets you in to a whole host of different wheel settings options - pretty sure that’s what you’re looking for.

Controller and Wheel settings are on two separate tabs in the controller settings. Each of them, I believe, also has an advanced menu ^^^^ mentioned above. FH4 has more wheel and controller settings than FH3 and the wheel performance is ‘better’, meaning more feedback than you felt in FH3.