My wheel feels vastly different to FH3


I tried to use FH4 with my Logitech G27 wheel and the steering felt vastly different to the steering on FH3. I used the exact same settings for the wheel but the steering feels way too light.

Why is that? And do you guys have an idea how I can reproduce the exact same steering feeling?

The reason your wheel feels vastly different in FH3 vs FH4 is because the new FFB system itself is vastly different. Logitech G920, G29, G27 and G25 on both platforms also received an update to their FFB default profile, effectively they now run a much small damper and slightly less spring effect by default so they can use their limited torque bandwidth more efficiently. Users may feel these wheels behave a bit different and may need to retune them a bit if they are not running the default setting. Specifically, you may want to turn down both Spring and Damper settings in game - some users, for example, find turning these all the way down to 0 works best with their Logitech wheels.

Please give the FH4 Wheel User’s Guide a read - it explains what’s changed, and offers setup and tuning tips.

And please be sure, as the guide recommends, that you have the latest drivers and firmware from Logitech first. And always start with default wheel settings.


thanks Jon! communication from PG directly always appreciated

Thanks for your reply!

Disabling center spring and increasing wheel damper from 100 to 150 worked like a charm for me.
It feels to me even better than FH3 now.

Thanks for posting this, I’ve been unhappy with my wheel in FH4 and had gone back to 3 - I’ve tried again and used these changes and it’s playable now!

Excellent, glad it worked out!