Steering wheel FFB experience

Hi all, I am a user of the Logitech DFGT steering wheel and would like to share some impressions from using it in FH5. The game was purchased on Steam. I will be discussing the feedback rather than the overall behavior of the steering wheel.

  1. The FFB is better than in FH4. The steering wheel no longer feels empty. BTW I use 540 degrees of rotation forced in Logitech Profiler.
  2. The overall force became stronger, and I even had to reduce it for comfortable steering.
  3. The steering wheel give more details of road bumps. Sometimes even too much and too loud.
  4. Unfortunately, I noticed that just like in FH4, the game does not transfer the damper and centering spring effects to the steering wheel. The settings sliders for these effects have no effect on the wheel.
  5. The game does not respond to changing the two sliders (spring strength and damper strength) in the Logitech Software settings.
  6. The game have an issue with releasing FFB on entering to menu or exiting to Desktop right from the driving, Some FFB effects may stay on the wheel even after game closed by menu. Using for exit keyboard help override this issue.

Main part on my post. Since I own the Steam version, I am able to examine the game configuration files. After some research, I found out that the developers weakened or disabled the damper effects for all Logitech steering wheels. Some of the lines in the files has a value of 0, some of them are greatly reduced relative to other wheel models and the default file. After experimenting with changing these values I noticed that the damper slider in game settings began to affect the feel of the steering wheel. I don’t know what reason the developers did this. And I’m not sure I can find out the answer.

The reason I pay such attention to the damper effect is because I like the wheel to have some sort of static heaviness. In other games I can adjust this effect, but in FH5 I couldn’t. Also I remember that all sliders worked fine in FH4 Demo from MS Store.

Thank you for reading!