Need help finding force feedback settings for FH4 with T300rs

Hi guys. I’ve been playing FH4 for a while but I’m having difficulty finding the right settings for this game. I’ve tried to fiddle with the settings but everything I’ve felt thus far has been quite off putting to say the least. I want to try finding a force feedback setting that is sorta realistic (or realistic as it can be). i have tried other sims and they feels far more fluid and has a nice feel to it but I cant seem to find the setting to do that in this game. In other games for example the steering would become lighter as you go to higher speeds (if you know what i mean) but in this game it feels the same no matter what speed I am on. I am currently playing this game on a PC. Would appreciate if anyone could give some tips or profiles that I could use to remedy this.

FH4 doesn’t have the worlds most intuitive settings for FFB, and you’re going to be disappointed if you are expecting a sim experience…but having said that, there’s a couple of things you can try that should have you taking turns without completely spinning every time you go in too hot, which is basically what happens with the default settings…

First, set your wheel to 690 to 740 degrees turning rotation so your wheel matches the cockpit views steering wheel, you can set it lower than that but that’s about the point where a lot of people seem to think the steering feels responsive without feeling ‘twitchy’ (lower) or lumbering (higher).

Second, lower center spring to about 10, lower FFB to about 35 (lightens the steering significantly so it feels like you’re driving a car with power steering) and lower the minimum FFB setting (I forget what its called exactly but its like “minimum effects” to about 40. See how that feels, tweak from there. Oh yes, try setting your dampening to like 10 to 20.

It helps to play with individual settings just to see what happens at Min/Max. Example, turning down the dampening on my Tx wheel made me stop constantly over-correcting for spins…having the FFB scale at 25 versus 50 makes the wheel feel noticeably lighter, etc. Good Luck.

what about on the thrustmaster control panel

I’m usually on Xbox, someone else will hopefully chime in on settings for the wheel on PC. But, personally, I’d leave them default so long as you can make your turning radius 720 or less and not the 900 or 1080 that I think the 300 defaults to.