I cant see the wheel tab inFH4

I just bought my wheel (RACING WHEEL APEX) and the wheel options wont show.
I can control my car with the wheel but its kind crappy
Is there any solution to this?

Hi karfiol, are referring to the Hori OVerdrive for Xbox steering wheel ?

( I own the the both Horis, the RWA for PS4 and since last weekend the Xbox version)

I you are referring to the xbox version, then install the Hori racing app on the Xbox , it will help you tune the setting of the wheel, (steering sensivity and deadzone), personnally, i chose MODE 1 and 270 degrees rotation + Deadzone at 4 and Sensitity at 2.

in-game wheel settings, i left all at default

If you put my settings, driving should be ok

Hope I helped