Simulation Steering - Stupidly hard? Or worth it?

“Simulation Steering” doesn’t seem to simulate steering, so much as simulate an angry chimp tugging randomly on your steering wheel.

Why does this mode exist in this form and/or what am I missing?

It’s good for controllers. Normal steering helps you with counter steering so it’s like playing with a co-pilot. Simulation is the only controller way :smiley: I don’t understand why anybody can play with counter-steering help. It doesn’t make much sense.

You are going to have to explain.

With simulation steering, if you drive with telemetry on so you can see what the game is doing, the game when you are under breaking changes its mind somewhat randomly what the range of the stick maps to. This means that applying the brakes, or just releasing the accelerator over some rough terrain, can turn a small steering correction into a violent spin with no actual stick movement.

And/or, at that moment when you most need proper car control, threading through tight corners, each steering correction you make might have a different steering lock and there is no way to know before hand without driving with telemetry on all the damned time.

I need to try it. You have lower lock because of another assist. Normal steering should help with counter steering so wheel would go crazy but game corrects it. I didn’t play normal for years but when you need counter steering correction the game did it for you so it’s not natural at all. But I need to try it again because I maybe missed something.

It does sound like we are having a different experience of simulation steering. Where mine is, if anything, the opposite of a simulation in the worst possible way.

I don’t have time to test it now but maybe somebody else will come. I use simulation every day and it’s pretty good. It should have less assists because it’s more rewarded and that’s what I need.

i think it have to do how your dead zones are setup for your controller, i have the chimp behind the wheel with a controller but not with a keyboard noticed its fine between 80-150km/h while drifting
with a race tune it comes at random but only 300+ small corrections turns into disasters. or its because of unbalanced tunes? i dont know…
still doing a small correction 300+ but ends up with full lock back and forth is kinda funny to see not that fun when it occurs to you. :smiley:

Something I get rid of pretty fast was normal steering and switched to simulation.

It’s important to note that I mainly drive cars in this game bone stock RWD on Unbeatable. I tune for the Trials, Playground games and multiplayer, though I don’t do latter that much at all.

With sim steering I feel I have more control with some additional risks. More control equls more options, which is very important in Street Scene where random things can and will occur. I have done quite well so far from D- to S1-class. S2 is different, it has been hit or miss with different cars. Some like certain Pagani drive like a dream, while some Ferraris for example can be real challeges.

For competitive racing with comparison to other human players, most of my experience comes from Trials. For over a last half a year, I have been in top three most of the races, I don’t competite against team mates, who in Blue team gets to first place first excluding sometimes in the last race if Trial is already won, but most of the time my handling builds either aren’t up to it with speed builds and very good players or sometimes I just like to watch someone doing great lines. I used to do Trial 10 times just for fun, now I simply don’t have that much time.

Relation to sim steering, from this week Trial I took podium in all races with bone stock Lambo Huracan, the S1 900 one, and I could’t do that if there were some feature to “help” me with how I place my car, slide, brake and cut is common scenario on some routes and that sort of thing, for me at least, lives from precision. I haven’t done that well in Cross Country events, mostly because I barely play that event type in SP and quite a few routes require good memorisation to be comptetive. It’s very curious, which is not to say I doubt, what is brought up regarding telemetry. It’s interesting and perhaps worth investigating further.

For competitive multiplayer, I don’t play that a lot but for FFA adventure ranked and unranked, perfomance bottleneck is because I’m don’t play enough to learn to routes, which is really bad on freeroam rush. Tunes I have made for CC are far from top notch and general lack of interest.

For Team Games Adventure, I think most important thing is to find club with good tunes. Organised teams win over bunch of randoms any day and IMO sim/normal steering question is trivial compared to that.

Drift adventure is a bit different matter. I used to sometimes practice a bit in unranked, tried to lear to build a drift car but found that I was far better with stock Formula Drift cars. I downloaded some tunes too and noticed there is sure difference between builts made for sim-steering and normal steering. I could do fairly well with little practice in ranked concidering how little effort I put to it, but with some tunes I just couldn’t competite against someone using the same tune and after a while I realised that tune was made to be used with normal steering. I didn’t even tried to switch to normal as it would be counter intuitive towards 99% what I enjoy in game.

So my best guess would be, that in the end it’s about tune rather than anything else for simple reason to multiplayer not to penalise players regardless their steering model choise.

That all said, I have played this game, FH3 and FM7 for quite a while and more often than not, I have seen outstanding players whom performance I can look up to. Both tuners and players might benefit from better understanding of possible impact of tune to sim/normal steering users, especially in rain Street/Road events and Drift adventure in MP. I have my personal preferences set up to things I like and I feel I benefit but… I don’t suscribe to any hardcore button makes you better sort of thing. It’s about the best lap within rules developers has set, I don’t know if there is anything else to it.

There was player posting, Sprungboss who knows a lot about game and tuning. Haven’t seen him for a while but you might try to hail him via PM.