Steering - Normal or Simulation?

Does anyone know the difference(s) between Normal steering and Simulation steering?

Thanks for the help.

Same physics, different helpers. I use simulation only so I am not sure but counter-steering is very automatic with normal. Motorsport is different too, simulation there is much more simulation (less helpers) than in Horizon, where simulation means relatively easy.

I can only tell for steering wheel: I find its unbearable to drive with ‘normal’ steering.
The physics is still the same, but ‘normal’ adds some sort of auto-correction to the steering. It means that in certain situation (mostly when the car starts to slinger) teh steering doesn’t work as it is suposed to do, but instead does what it thinks will help to stabilise.
For me it just completly ruins my reflexes. It means that the ingame position of the steering-wheel and the actual physical position of my steering wheel is out of sync.

Even worse, at a certain time that ‘helping’ has to stop when you managed to stabilise. At this point the steering will just snap back to the actual steering angel, and that will often throw you out of line again.

When I started playing with the wheel (at first I just used kb&m) I found it impossible to recover once the car started to slinger. Took me a while to figure out that was because the steering characteristic suddenly changes when that happens so my adjustmend can’t work as intended.

I don’t think slinger is a real word for your examples, the dictionary doesn’t really find anything. Therefore I don’t know what you mean.

Slinger defines something the throws something. In this case the car is being thrown.

Amazing how out of 4 paragraphs you have no idea what is being talked about because of one word. It’s just the word sling with a different suffix?

Yes, you mean Torque, and Inertia. I’m not going to understand Torque, and Inertia from the word ‘slinger’

And simulation on a wheel should be different than simulation on a controller. You get serious helper on a controller.

I am on a PC using a keyboard and use Normal. Cars are uncontrollable with Simulation selected.

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Same with ABS off I assume.