Shorter Practice in Featured Multiplayer

I love the new system, but I have a huge gripe with the 20 minutes of warmup, just to get rammed in turn 1. if there was just 3 qualifying laps, that would be plenty fine. I just want to race, if the race is a write off because people are still jerks regardless of the safety ratings and penalties, I really dont want to have to wait a whole 30 minutes to race again. some of us have jobs/school etc. being able to only squeeze in 2 races a day is kind of unfair to those with limited personal time. It would also be cool if we could have vote to kick and report driver in game, instead of having to have a clip and go on the forum to report a driver. I tried to report a pitter and it took like 20 minutes to do all the necessary steps. I get that this is a huge improvement from fm7’s absolute hurricane lobbies, but there has to be a middle ground, and I dont think 20 minutes of practice/qualifying before the race and a 1 second penalty is sufficient enough to stop people from demolishing any chances at a podium. I wouldnt even care if my shot at the podium was ruined if it didnt take 20 minutes plus another race duration to have another chance at one. It seems the fair and clean racers are taking the fall here. I do appreciate the efforts to address poor sports and rammers, but i think the multiplayer could use an overhaul, or we could simply have class based hoppers, keep penalties and just get rid of the practice, and just have qualifying. that would be perfect imo.

I love the franchise, has been my favorite franchise since the very first Forza, the issue is wait times for online racing you can only really get two races in within an hour’s time and I’m used to getting four or five races in, I am a family of five and it’s hard to make time and only getting two races in an hour doesn’t seem sufficient enough to keep my interest

We need to cut the time down on waiting to race in lobbiy’s….REALLY 30 mins waiting to get rammed by a turtle always gotta wait for enormous wait times. 5 min max and thats still to long too if you ask me more like 3 mins and thats for the open race lobbys not the introduction…

Is there any way we can petition to change the current multiplayer format? It is just too slow.

I mean 3 races per hour?! Practice 15 minutes to do a 3 or 4 lap race? And extremely limited classes.
Who even makes these decisions.

Previously we could do 10+ races within an hour, and lobbies were fun.

The online experience really needs an overhaul.


I like Featured Multiplayer as-is, but would like to see custom lobbies be (optionally) publicly visible and searchable.


Dont get me wrong, but I think this system really sucks, I get that the race length changes from Week to week, but can we atleast change this method? Bring it down to 15 minutes practice or make it 5 laps.

Why not just pick a race that starts sooner?

I’d like it if the official hoppers were races only, with practice & qualifying done solo/offline/asynchronously or (optionally) in private lobbies.
Then they could cycle through more races faster, keeping the excitement going non-stop.

Have you played the game? You are only given the options they provide you. So its down to luck

Consider voting for my idea to eliminate qualifying by making time delayed starts based off of PI.

It has many proa iMO

Driver level almost 800, I’ve never had to wait that long for a race.

Maybe have a Ready system so that we won’t have to wait until the Race starts i don’t like the Timer system it doesn’t Belong in Forza Motorsport it’s annoying and discourages me to play in MP

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I remember at release races were every 15/10 min, later they changed it to every 30/20 min cuz players complained they can’t do every single race (and due to lack of players overall)

Please reduce wait times for races in FM

I would like the wait time for a race to be not more than 5 minutes. We need just enough time to complete the 3 qualifying laps.

It is very frustrating when when the next race is 20mins or more. You do you qualifying laps then do something else while you wait for the race. I don’t have time. Life is too short. We only have a finite period for online gaming before our other commitments need attending to.

Thank you

I think we can all agree that this is a casual Simcade game ok? So there is no need for 25~30 minutes of training/qualification for races that last less than 9 minutes? Are we running a championship worth real money?
Well, I don’t think so and in fact the rewards are quite low.

My suggestion is that no session exceeds the maximum time of 1.5x the duration of the race, which is enough time to adjust, test and qualify if we want more running and less training.

If you agree with my suggestion of less training and more running, please vote, share and help improve the multiplayer experience of this game.

Thank you all.

This change is effective with Update 9:

  • Adjusted Practice lengths across all Featured Multiplayer Series to increase event cadence and frequency. This change results in shorter practice lengths.

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