Time delayed start based on PI for open class R&P

Right now there are alot of cars that cannot reach a PI of 998 and 900 in class R and P. This means unlike class E-S there are alot of cars that you cant really drive in multiplayerlobbies without expecting to underperform.

My solution is to have time delayed starts and order the grid based on PI. Im not sure what the proper time gap would be, maybe 10-20 seconds for an 801 vs 900 in current race lengths.

A few advantages are

  1. Wider selection of cars that could compete for the race win.

  2. More time spent racing while playing MP as opposed to practicing.

  3. Avoids the first turn pileup that can so often occur, especially with the faster cars.

Downside is no qualifying although there is a trend of good drivers skipping qualy anyway in order to avoid the turn 1 shenanigans, so might not miss out on much anyways.