Server issues (Auction House, Leaderboards, Message Center, Share Files) | 22 Apr 2024


  • We have identified an issue with our servers affecting FH5 Auction House, Leaderboards, Message Center, and User Generated Content for some players. For example, the Auction House may exhibit price resets.


  • While the team works on a fix, we recommend rebooting the game to fix this if you’re affected. (22 Apr 2024)

I cannot download any tuning file, livery.
No Leaderboards, no Club Rankings.
No daily messages. No Custom Races via Creative HUB.

What"s going on?

They are aware, see workaround

2 days with no update, just radio silence. So we get a new playlist tomorrow and for countless people, we will either have to tune cars ourselves (personally I can’t tune) or run cars stock. Guess it’s a win for Playground Games as the hours played metric will be considerably increased as people have to keep repeating races/championships. Makes me wonderwhy I continue to support a developer that doesn’t care about it’s players in the slightest


This is 25th April and I am still getting the server msg , cannot access anything online in FH5!!??, switching the console on & off doesn’t re set it!?

I am still getting the error msg “There was an error communicating with the server. Please try again later”!, I have no online service in the game, it is affecting me playing through some of the season challenges, also the rewind function rewinds then quickly continues instead of pausing play?, can someone plz come up with a fix?, switching off the console DOES NOT reset the issue!

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I was getting this issue and realised I had no home set. Would just start at the main Horizon festival.

Setting one of my houses as home on the mainland fixed the issue.

any updates on this issues?? I still cannot access Auctions house, rivals, tunes, liveries and few others.

I made a support ticket about this yesterday, and it was almost immediately marked as ‘solved’. Well, surprise, it wasn’t. Issue persisted today when I got into FH5. I was able to race against other human players (just like yesterday), but I still don’t have access to Auction House, Forzathon Shop, Creative Hub or Rivals. I really wouldn’t care about it unless some of these features weren’t required to acquire either content or prizes.

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Submitting tickets at Forza Support should be done when players experience a crash or content issue with their account. General bugs such as this one are monitored here on the forums. For now the reboot workaround should work for most players and we’re monitoring cases where that doesn’t work.

When reporting your issue here remember to include your platform, frequency of the issue etc to help the team narrow down the cause.

I’ve restarted (not quick resume) the game multiple times, I’ve rebooted (power off-power on) my console multiple times, and this issue still persists. I’ve been able to race other players on Trial, so my internet connection is fine. The issue is that I can’t access Auction House, Forzathon Shop, Rivals, Creative Hub or messages. I’m on Xbox Series X.


I still have this issue (PC, Steam), and I’ve tried various alternative solutions. I notice that other folks on this platform and the Steam forum have had similar difficulties.

This is to show that Progress bar not showing even with many activities has been done, monthly rivals not showing up and server unavailable message.


I also had 0 points, shortly before i finished my first “challenge” then i found this topic here. Saw your post and the original post of T10ManteoMax. I restarted the game finished the last part of the McLaren P1 2013 weekly challenges and then i got 5 points. Maybe i was lucky or something. Before i didn’t restart i also couldn’t enter the Forzathon Shop. All the drivatars had no names. But now it all seems to work. It’s like i had bad luck when i logged in the first time or something. After restarting i also got a bunch of messages, because i gave a way like 8 cars or something and other messages about the new cars and stuff. I didn’t get any of that the first time i started the game.

Game reboot doesn’t help. Reinstallation also didn’t change anything. Auctions, Rivals, EventLabs, Forzathon are affected.

Reinstallations can’t help with server issues.

How long will it take to fix i have tried everything and nothing works

Been a week now with no change. I’ve reset the game, my PC, my router, the xbox app on PC, the game itself. Tried logging in and out, starting logged out, tried running as and as not the administrator and still nothing.

No access to the store, eventlabs, rivals, paints, tunes, the auction house and when I start the says I’m back to 0/75 for the week. Once I earn at least another point it resets back to normal. Multiplayer works fine.

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No access to the Forzathon Shop on PC. No monthly rivals. Nothing is working. Restart of the game seems to have fixed it.

There seems to be a bug where the applied livery is initialized. The applied livery appears in the thumbnail, but when you select a vehicle and enter the field, the livery appears as initialized. Even if you turn the game on and off and reboot the computer, it is still the same.