Half the game offline.


I’ve had this issue in horizon 4 and now it returned in horizon 5 :D.

The issue I have is that rivals, festival playlist, auction house, shop, tune and livery downloads are offline. (prompt message “Feature locked” unable to connect to horizon servers)

strange enough convoys, horizon open and the other game modes seem to work just fine. (yeah convoys work, which it didn’t on older updates, so updates do come through)

I’ve had this issue also in FH4 the game worked fine until update 1 or 2 and it was fixed after an update a couple of MONTHS later… (i have checked (almost) every update after release)

CLEARY I’m not looking forward to wait again a couple of months for this to get sorted. I’m too late to ask for a refund both for FH4, and FH5. so I better get my money worth this time…

I hope someone can help me here since MS support was only able to show me how to kick in open doors like we say here. :smiley:

Did you ever get this problem solved? I have the same problem.