Server - Can't connect to horizon life in forza horizon 5

Through the “Network” menu, I click connect to Horizon Life, at the bottom, near the speedometer, the slider spins once and that’s it. Nothing else happens,but I’m connected to the xbox live network

it’s ether your banned or there’s a server network issue on there side

I want to add that at the first start of the game (when I just started playing), the network worked without problems. Other players went. But when I switched back to singleplayer, horizon life no longer connects.
Horizon Open and Column Search works fine. It finds everything there, but there is no simple session.

That’s been happening to me for months.

And whenever I’m bothered to do it - I just go into Horizon Solo and then reconnect to Horizon Life and it works.

@GramZZiLLa @Patrick_Moon500 we’re doing periodic check-ins: would you please confirm if this bug continues to be an issue after updates released since you first reported it?

It was an intermittent issue. But at the moment, no, I’ve not seen this issue recur since the update. I’ll reply again if it happens over the next few days.

im dealing with this issue currently, and haven’t found any fixes, i cant access auction house, downloadable tunes or liveries

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@That_Guy_Swavey is this still an issue since installing recent FH5 updates?

I also have this issue, and the only way i’ve worked out how to fix it is to reinstall the game which is incredibly frustrating

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@Justinator_3000 I feel with you - sorry mate!

Could be connected with it is that during the last weeks the server disconnects to Horizon Life (but also to Eliminator) significantly happened more often. Most of the times it works (without restart) directly again thereafter but I also had it that it needed a couple of minutes before reconnecting again.

Playing on XSX.

Yeah it’s still bugged, it works for the most part but like the moment I go to the home or leave it on quick resume, sometimes when I just start the game but not usually puts me directly into horizon solo, and my Internet is clearly working fine, just will not connect online

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Im having this issue. It wont load me into horizon life. Went it does, no online players show up. The second I pause the game, or enter a race, it puts me in solo. Its been happening for almost a week now.


Same its been doing it to me for a week and i cant fix it i tried everything and nothing works.

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I’m also having this issue and it has been happening for the past week as well. Is there any remedy yet ?

I’m having the same issue but only while going to the Event Lab and the Forzathon Shop. Everything else seems to work ok.

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feature locked connect to horizon life what is going on for the past 3 weeks now everything was fine before that … FIX your Servers or whatever went wrong PLZ


I fixed this bug after countless solutions in the stupidest way possible. In the main menu, I just logged off and relogged to my windows account and I immediately logged on and could see players around, meaning I was in horizon life.

Tried that many times. hasn’t fixed it for me :frowning:

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I can’t connect either I spent multiple hours on a Live stream trying too And I couldn’t because of your terrible servers please fix this problem

Same issue. Just returning to Horizon after a long break and very disappointed. Just wanted to have fun with a couple of friends but let down by awful servers once again. None of the proposed fixes worked, so I am stuck being unable to connect to Horizon Life and therefore cannot play online. I can still join a convoy, but I see everyone with an infinite loading circle and they all see me with one as well. Cannot start online races, cannot access other online modes like Eliminator or anything else. Clicking them just kicks me out of the menu and nothing happens. Reinstalled, checked all of my drivers, multiple restarts, signing in and out of my account before launch, during launch, once already in the game, once already in a party, etc. Sad to see a once great product reduced to such lows.

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