horizon life unable to connect, disconnected from session

am i the only one having this problem right now? you try to connect to horizon life, and after a minute or so it says unable to connect, then you retry to connect and it will either say unable to connect again or connect for about ten seconds and then its like the server crashes, every time i retry to connect it gives me a different answer, on the diagnostic screen it will say there are 15 successful connections but then the region will be failed connect, or show its trying to connect to a server overseas, i am in the US by the way, apparently a lot of people have been having this problem from what i have seen on Facebook, just wondering, its no fun playing solo on an “open world” game.

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I too have the same issue I cant even connect to any session, whats going with their servers?!

Snap, broken game.

I love the forza games but I’m really disappointed with the lack of communication from the developers regarding the glitches people are using to rank up and the lack of updates to resolve the poor server connections

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Same here. Ongoing issue since launch.

Xbox One S
West Midlands

Same here no matter what time of day I get disconnected now and then along with the odd 5 sec game freeze aswell.

Hope that the developers come up with a fix and seriously think about communicating with the community a lot more about these issues and others.


Yep one of the big features that was promoted with great enthusiasm is flawed, nice!

Also getting DNS errors. Network is fine. Have tried ISP, Google, & OpenDNS just to be safe, same result. Cannot connect to a server at all. Shame, I wanted to get some Forzathon points this morning.

Feels good to moan about these things but no one listens. They have their money now