[ANSWERED] Fix your servers!! 3rd time in 24 hours I've been disconnected during Forzathon!!

Fix your servers!! 3rd time in 24 hours I’ve been disconnected during Forzathon!! Never disconnected from Xbox Live, just Forza. Fix your janky servers. Makes me not even want to play the game. Game has almost been out 6 months and still super glitchy. Losing game sound, disconnecting from Forza Life (during Forzathon primarily!). Terrible garage load times. Boo.

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Waited around for and quickly got disconnected from another Forzathon! Shut off my Xbox. Not playing or buying another Forza game. You guys obviously dont care about CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE anymore.

If my servers were as unstable as yours I’d have been fired 10x over.

Please submit a ticket and attach a screenshot of any error messages that may appear.


There are no error messages. It just says “disconnected from Horizon life”. Never once lost connection from Xbox Live.