Community Update on fixes and improvements - Jan. 11th

Forza Horizon 5 – January 11, 2022 Community Update

We hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday break! With our teams back in the office, we’ve begun working on game fixes and improving the overall game experience – a process that will continue throughout 2022 and which could not happen without your continued feedback and support.

Here is an update on some of the areas that we’re currently working on with our goal being to roll them out as soon as we can:

  • Accolades - We know players have experienced issues with Accolades not unlocking or resetting and we understand how frustrating this can be. We’re also aware of misleading descriptions that are confusing for players. We’re continuing to work through addressing these and you’ll see more fixed in the next update.

  • EventLab - Based on the feedback we have received from you, our top priority is introducing the ability to save and edit EventLab content post-creation. We’re currently working on this and hope to release in an upcoming update.

  • Festival Playlist - We know the Festival Playlist has been an area of concern for Forza Horizon 5 players. We’re taking the necessary steps to ensure that future challenges and objectives can be completed by all players. In addition, we’re working on a solution to retroactively apply points for bugged Daily Challenges and Treasure Hunt events in Series 1 and Series 2. This will also unlock the “Min, Meet Max” achievement for those who had completed all other events and challenges within a series. Stay tuned for additional details.

In the meantime, we’re aware of an issue that shows the incorrect total value of Series Points earned by some players when viewing a previous Series Playlist. Our team has identified that this is caused by the auto-completion of the Horizon Tour in each season and we’re currently investigating a solution.

  • Wheels - We’re investigating numerous issues around wheel support in Forza Horizon 5, especially for the PC version. These include a crash when closing pop ups or Wheelspins with a Fanatec wheel, missing wheel mapping on the Hori Force Feedback wheel and a lack of rumble functionality that is separate to force-feedback.

We’re also looking into why the handbrake for Thrustmaster and Fanatec models does not work consistently for some users, as well as a specific Logitech wheel issue in which there is no longer any force feedback produced after suspending the title.

  • Leaderboards - We’re investigating a solution to remedy erroneous lap times and high scores being posted to Rivals and PR Stunts leaderboards. This remains a high priority for our team and we hope to introduce new safeguards to tackle the situation around cheating in the future. We don’t expect this to be a quick fix but we’re committed to ensuring the leaderboards are fair and not compromised.

There are many more issues being worked on alongside these. As always, your feedback and input has been invaluable in tracking down and fixing the issues. We want to thank you all for your patience!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

A new Forza Horizon 5 hotfix is available to download with the fixes and improvements shared below. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked to address these and continue to work to address other reported issues.

Game Stability

On Dec. 7, we released a fix to tackle the “soft lock” issue which caused Xbox Series X|S players to get stuck with an infinite spinner when saving data. Today’s new hotfix goes further and addresses the root cause of the problem. Xbox Series X|S players may have occasionally encountered issues with streaming and soft locks when loading into events, which are now resolved.

We’ve also addressed other stability issues, including a top reported crash that was introduced with Series 2.


A top priority for the team is working on a fix for Convoys and disappearing players. We are continuing to investigate your reports and have identified and addressed one issue that would cause some players to become invisible to other players. Further work is ongoing in this area to improve the experience.


Improvements have been made to server bandwidth to ensure a better experience in multiplayer game modes like The Eliminator.

We’ve included a fix for civilian traffic not being present in Horizon Life. However, we know there is more work to do in this area. We have identified a further issue where players might see no civilian traffic after taking part in multiplayer events, and an issue where some players may see no traffic until changing car or fast travelling. These are being worked on and will be addressed in a future update.

We have enhanced the overall stability of our servers across the entire experience, and we have also identified and fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from joining another player’s server when attempting to initiate a Convoy.

More To Come

With the holidays rapidly approaching, our team is looking forward to spending some time with family and friends and hope you are doing the same. For us, this means a short pause on our ongoing development and fixes, yet rest assured, in the new year we will continue to deliver further improvements to Forza Horizon 5.

For example, we’re aware that a number of players have experienced challenges on the Festival Playlist which they’ve not been able to complete. This can be frustrating to miss out on rewards or to not have that 100% completion. We’re looking into a solution for players who have experienced the issue.

Your feedback is invaluable to us so keep it coming, it helps us prioritize how we tackle fixes.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Series 2 Update – featuring a holiday dressing across Mexico and a new Secret Santa feature that encourages community spirit, as well as plenty of new cars to drive and more.

We wish all our players a happy, safe and relaxing holiday and we’ll see you in the new year for the latest Forza Horizon 5 updates.

Forza Horizon 5 – An Update to the Community

Playground Games
Thursday, December 2, 2021

Hi everyone,

We want to give you an update on the status of multiplayer issues in Forza Horizon 5. Since launch, we understand it’s been frustrating to play online, whether it’s with your friends or the wider community, due to numerous issues around matchmaking, connectivity and teaming up in Convoys. We hear you and we understand how you feel especially as socialization in Forza Horizon is an important aspect of the game.

Below are the multiplayer issues that we’ve heard are most prominently affecting you, and what we’re doing to either improve or fix them. We are listening to your feedback and reports, and our next update will be the first step in addressing these issues, with more fixes coming in the next few updates.

Convoys – There’s nothing more disappointing than going on a road-trip with your friends and seeing them all disappear. We’ve experienced it and it never gets any less of a letdown. With that said, we are actively working on improvements around players erratically disappearing or not being pulled into Horizon Life servers with their Convoy.

Horizon Arcade – These fun, collaborative minigames come to life when experienced with other players, however, we know not many of you have been able to experience them as intended. There is often a much lower than expected player count for Horizon Arcade events and we know that simply isn’t fun. Like Convoys, we’re aware of players disappearing when these events start. We are working on fixes and improvements to resolve both issues.

The Eliminator – Regarding invisible players and players unable to challenge one another upon beeping their horn, we’ve seen your reports and have experienced both issues ourselves. We have identified some issues and are actively working on addressing them.

Horizon Open – We’re aware of an issue that causes Convoy leaders to matchmake by themselves. In general, we are working on matchmaking improvements to Horizon Open to ensure you and your Convoy can seamlessly find other players together.

Leaderboards – We’re aware of bugs that cause erroneous lap times to be posted on Rivals leaderboards and are working on a future update to prevent this from happening. We’re also aware of players using game speed modifiers to boost their scores for PR Stunts and are looking to prevent and remove these impossibly high scores. Cheating, game tampering, and the use of exploits to intentionally gain a competitive advantage ruins the experience for others. While we don’t believe cheating will ever go away entirely, we will continue to release improvements to our games systems to prevent this and take action on those who promote and enable disruptions to everyone’s game experience in this way.

EventLab – We understand how frustrating it is to lose all your progress when building a new EventLab track, arena or game mode. Similarly, we know how difficult it is to craft the masterpieces many of you are known for in just one sitting. For a future game update, we’re working to introduce the ability to save and edit EventLab content post-creation. We’re also aware of XP/credit AFK farms and other types of exploitative events dominating the EventLab menus and we’re working on systems to improve curation so that these events are not surfaced.

While these are only some of the areas needing fixes in Forza Horizon 5 that we know about and are actively working on, we wanted to give visibility on these pressing issues so that you know that we hear you and improvements are on the way. Rest assured, your feedback is being heard as we work to improve the overall Forza Horizon 5 experience.

In the meantime, we’ll be sending all Forza Horizon 5 players 1,000 Forzathon Points alongside the next content update’s release to be used to acquire rare cars, horns, clothing and wheelspins from the Forzathon Shop.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and support. As soon as they have been verified, we’ll begin rolling out the fixes and improvements we’ve been working on so you can have a smoother time exploring Mexico. As always, we’ll let you know once updates are available via our Support Twitter at @forza_support and in-game messaging, and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback to make Forza Horizon 5 an even better experience for everyone.


update link:

I am puzzled as to why we are still waiting for any type of update/hot fix.
imo, some update is better than no update.
so, they are telling us that there is nothing fixed and nothing can be implemented to improve the game at this point?
And we all know updates brings on more issues so, is a BIG update going fix everything or will it bring about more issues?

And it seems they are more worried of the convoy and not their own list of growing issues.

and with that being said has anyone looked at the known issues list?

its amazing how big the list has become in a few short weeks!
and look how they added series 1 issues to list … why?
are they really working to fix series 1 seasons issues?
why didnt they fix the seasons for series 1 when they where active so, players could have completed them.
are they going to open series 1 seasons back up when they fix it?

well, sadly it looks like we will all be waiting a few more weeks and into season 2.



I mean, it took them long enough.
Although I think they posted this just because the forum, reddit and FB group are getting drowned in complaints and some might soon be picked-up by gaming media (at least those who aren’t afraid of getting blacklisted by Microsoft) and they want to give a good impression for the public. But if they were serious, they’d put a statement like that weeks ago.

I just hope it won’t be another FH4 syndrome, where they’re going to be fixing various issues for years, marking tickets as ‘solved’ and then saying ‘it’s too deep in the code, we won’t fix it, have fun’


It’s a huge list, my guess is 2 weeks before Hotfix 2 of 8.

lawyers and council had to approve all words and content!! LOL


Its listed to show they are aware of it and stops people from sending new tickets with same thing
“Known Issues” doesnt mean “List to fix” there is no reason to fix series 1 stuff

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Having an absurd list of bugs is a trend for 2021 across the entire industry. It is absolutely standard practice now to release an alpha. Sadly I don’t see this changing.


It’s best to expect no announcement or fixes

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We knew it would come. It’s not about them not listening. They have to gather everything up and sort it all out. If anyone thinks these issues can be fixed overnight or in a week they are kidding themselves. That said, I’m surprised they didn’t say anything sooner but don’t expect there to be a fix by tomorrow.

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Am I missing the part where they apologise?


Nah, what about the issues from FH4 dating back months or years? Things which were just copy and pasted into FH5?


Its not about fixing things. Its about not breaking em even before the game is released and not even testing them that actually work…

Also this is just a wall of text. If you think they are actually going to “fix” not even half of the broken things… you didnt learn anything in all these years.


Why would they apologize? they released an unpolished videogame, like any other company these days. Its how things works.


Is this your first new game launch or something? Every new game in the last 10+ yrs have been launched “broken” before being released. Some of these issues wouldn’t be discovered during beta testing with the size of groups they use vs real-world usage numbers.

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If there is no news, people wonder when there is going to be an update.
If there is news, people wonder if the patch will fix stuff, and not introduce new or already existing bugs.

News or no news, being transparent or not transparent towards the community. releasing patches or no patches to the community, it seems like people just can’t be a bit positive, even if its just 1% positive.

Yes the game is a broken mess when it was released until now. But if you can’t have at least a bit of faith or hope for the future of FH5 (or any other game for that matter), then it will be impossible to be positive no matter what, you might as well never play a game again and throw it all into the trashcan, and never look back so to speak.

Let’s just wait first for the next couple of patches, and see how things go from there.


I must admit I don’t care for announcements or updates around bug fixes as this something I expect to be addressed in time.

What I care about is news on the reintroduction of FEATURES from FH4 such as ranked races which as I keep saying is a key replayable feature. Give us what we want…

Some of these issues were in FH4 like the long loading times, are you unaware of that?

I don’t expect any game to be fully perfect on release, but I do get annoyed when people try to make out that somehow the glaring faults were not known about, or couldn’t have been. That’s not true.


These issues should of been delt with during testing. If they tested the game at all. As some said to me couple hours ago, if they had spent the same amount of time testing the game, as they did hyping it up, these issues could of been delt with. Game should never of been cleared for release.

i’ll translate. here is a road map of fixes and improvements:

  1. nerf exploits and glitches that make game play easier.
  2. ban anyone who took advantage of said exploits and glitches
  3. promise to fix ongoing problems and do absolutely nothing.
  4. close all support tickets as having been “solved” or being a “known issue”.

did i miss anything?


Checks in your mouth, and we won’t go in your mailbox.
Warmed my heart seeing thanks for all the tickets submitted. Yay us.