Release Notes: Dec. 3rd update

Version Number:

  • Xbox One: 2.414.967.0
  • Xbox Series: 3.414.967.0
  • PC: 3.414.967.0
  • Steam: 1.414.967.0

Game Stability

  • Various stability fixes
  • Fixed crash that could occur when loading Chapter 6 in the Born Fast Horizon Story
  • Fixed crash that could occur when replaying the Canyon Expedition
  • Fixed a soft lock which could occur during the Baja Expedition


  • Improvements for an issue where convoy members and other players can disappear
  • Horizon Open - Reduced the amount of races in Open Racing events before a car change, from 5 to 3
  • Horizon Open - Removed The Goliath from pool to prevent long wait for race completion
  • Horizon Open - Street Race routes will now be at night
  • Horizon Open - Removed S2 Cross Country races from rotation
  • Horizon Open - Fixed issue with scoring HUD in Open Drifting
  • Eliminator - Randomised position of Eliminator car drops
  • Fixed an issue where searching for a convoy via ‘Find a Convoy’ could result in an infinite load
  • Convoy leaders accepting a Forza LINK invite now accepts for the whole convoy
  • Convoy icon on Player Label in the map has been updated to be more readable
  • Horizon Arcade - Score target now scales based on number of participants
  • Horizon Arcade - Fixed an issue where convoy members were seeing different score totals
  • Horizon Arcade - Prioritise grouping players in larger groups when event starts
  • Horizon Arcade - Increased the time at which a Horizon Arcade event radius will appear on the map ahead of it starting to 10 minutes
  • Horizon Arcade - Adjusted completion requirements for some Horizon Arcade events
  • Horizon Arcade - Fixed issue where finding a Barn Find during a Horizon Arcade event could leave players in a bad game state
  • Horizon Arcade - Fixed issue where Horizon Arcade Mini Missions HUD wouldn’t show players when next mission is starting
  • Horizon Arcade - Added unique icons for each Horizon Arcade game type on the map
  • Horizon Arcade - Fixed an issue where some ramps might not appear during Horizon Arcade bullseye events
  • Horizon Arcade - Reduced the completion requirements as part of Festival Playlist
  • Made car restrictions for Horizon Tour clearer
  • Fixed issue where beating a record in Rivals and Series Rivals wouldn’t provide a new rival in the post-race screen
  • Fixed issue where players could see incorrect points total in Playground Games events when a player left
  • Fixed issue where no traffic was present for online street races
  • Fixed issue with destination pin when playing expeditions in co-op
  • Fixed issue with AI cars disappearing when playing expeditions in co-op

Wheel Compatibility

  • Fixed an issue where button prompts were not appearing for users with a Logitech G920


  • Fixed an issue where players could tune their car to a higher class vehicle before starting a race
  • Fixed an issue where times from Blueprint events could be erroneously posted to the leaderboard for the race at that location
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to post to Rivals and PR Stunt leaderboards when using modified game speed settings


  • Fixed issue where Pause Menu could show two tabs at once when changing focus away from the game and unpausing with a controller
  • Fixed issue where mouse input was being ignored in the Horizon Story Post Race Stars screen
  • Stopped mouse being able to move the camera during Pre-Race cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where low video memory warning could be displayed incorrectly on AMD Renoir
  • Fixed an issue where running at 3440x1440 resolution would cause graphical artefacts on the screen edge
  • Improved messaging around out of date drivers


  • 98 Toyota Supra RZ - Corrected window trim issue and various other fixes to upgrade parts
  • Added Freeroam Convertible functionality to the Willys Jeep, Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Spyder and Porsche 918 Spyder
  • 18 BMW M5 - Corrected colour in front left brake calliper
  • 70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler - Stock brakes can’t be painted
  • Fixed DeLorean logo on Car Collection screen
  • Reduced Transmission whine on stock car audio
  • Updated the engine audio for the Porsche 918 Spyder


  • Fixed an issue where some completed Accolades could reset to being incomplete
  • Fixed an issue with Accolades for photographing the statues in the El Camino story not unlocking
  • Fixed an issue where the Accolade for taking a short cut in the final Lucha De Carreteras story chapter would not unlock
  • Fixed “Raised in the Desert” not requiring the player to be in the designated car
  • Fixed “Unlimited Power” description to say Unlimited Off-road rather than Extreme Off-road
  • Fixed “Ready, Set, Go!” unlocking if player lost the race
  • Removed some Accolades which could become incompletable which required the player to complete a PR Stunt in a specific car
  • Corrected typo on the “A True Advantage” description from 2018 to 2019 Aston Martin Vantage
  • Fixed “Ford of the Wings” where the objective wouldn’t appear when pinned
  • Fixed issue where “Monster Destroyer” would not complete if the player wins after a restart
  • Updated the “Canon Run” accolades to use the correct name
  • Corrected the number of air skills required for the “Air In A G Wagon” Accolade
  • Fixed an issue with the “Unbeatable Dirt Racing” Accolade counting progress incorrectly
  • Fixed “Money To Burn” Accolade directing players to wrong drift zone
  • Updated “Don’t Break It, There Isn’t Many Left” Accolade to inform player of danger sign they need to complete
  • Fixed issue where pinning Accolades for some danger signs would not set the route correctly
  • Added ability to jump to rewards in the Accolade menus


  • Super7 second pre event screen now shows Title and Description rather than the Creator and Description
  • Fixed issue in Super7 where players can experience a long load if creating a challenge far from a road
  • Fixed issue where Super7 challenge props wouldn’t load after publishing
  • Fixed issue where player could stop getting new Super7 challenges
  • Removed an incorrect VO line from playing when returning to Freeroam from Super7


  • Fixed an issue where Seasonal PR Stunts would state 1mph/1ft/1m more required despite meeting the completion criteria
  • EventLab - Props will now appear as the colour variant selected before being placed
  • Removed some erroneous props present in the stadium when creating EventLab events
  • Fixed an issue where players could not see their own Events in Event Blueprints menu
  • Changed “Place” variable in Rules of Play to “Rank” to be more representative
  • Fixed issue in Blueprint Builder where prop thumbnail wouldn’t appear
  • Altered the flow of the Forza LINK tutorial to avoid players with custom control mappings getting stuck
  • Added scrolling delay to long Forza LINK phrases to help with legibility
  • Fixed an issue with Forza LINK when sending “Follow me” in reply to the barn find request not setting a route
  • Rewinding during a showcase could cause the game to ignore the offline game speed accessibility setting
  • Infiniti Car Collection now awards the “STONKS” Forza LINK phrase
  • Fixed issue where player would get spawned in the wrong location when replaying Expeditions
  • Added accessibility option to progress Horizon Stories without completing the proceeding challenges
  • Fixed Hall of Fame banners not prioritising friends who had joined the Hall of Fame
  • Fixed various bad Fast Travel points which could leave the player stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the Lugar Tranquilo player home could become locked again after having purchased it
  • Fixed player labels showing the wrong PI on the map
  • Marathon icon no longer overlaps the Horizon Street Scene outpost icon on the map
  • Change map filters to include the Eliminator map icon under multiplayer events, rather than Festival sites
  • Fixed camera clipping through scenery during post-race results cinematic
  • Fixed issues with clipping on various clothing items in character creator
  • Fixed issue with price displaying incorrectly for Car Pass and Premium Add-Ons Bundle in Steam
  • Fixed an issue where Festival Playlist displayed more points earned than are achievable
  • Fixed prestige stars not appearing in online leaderboards
  • Added the Ability to ‘View Eligible Cars’ on Seasonal PR Stunts in the Festival Playlist screen
  • Made the final checkpoint in street race events visually distinct from normal checkpoints
  • Made it so that the Add Layer feature in the Livery Editor now correctly adds the layer to the top of the stack
  • Fixed Achievement tracking for the “Unlimited Prowess” Achievement
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to skip the whole race in Chapter 2 of Lucha de Carreteras
  • Fixed an issue where the radio could be turned back on after turning it off
  • Updated Fast Travel message from pause menu to correctly inform player it will take them to the nearest Festival site
  • Fixed an issue where players could be switched from manual to automatic gears after a cutscene

What a pleasant surprise! 14.16 GB on Series X!

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Horizon Open - Removed The Goliath from pool to prevent long wait for race completion

Removed the best race of the game from MP. I don’t know what to say.


It’s ok atm. If everyone was leaving in races before or it pushed u in some running event u had to drive the whole thing alone for 13minutes

Wow! I love the updated arcade! Scores are based on who’s in the circle at the start. I just completed an air event all by myself with 7 minutes remaining! Bravo PG! BRAVO!


What about accolades? Can you still repeat it? Before patch you were something about 90th.

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I’m sliding up the list inch by inch. I might hit top 50 by the end of the day!


Amazing! Good luck.

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Made it! Ugh exhausting!!!


Started the update but it started downloading the whole game again…

About 80% of this could have been prevented had the developer actually used some quality process steps!!

Completely unacceptable from a Top Tier game developer like T10 PPG and Microsoft!! All of you should be demoted or fired!!


Developers are not responsible for quality assurance or quality control, that’s a different departement.

Please stop blaming “the devs” when a game is not in the state it should be in. That is close to never the fault of the devs.
That’s management.

  • Horizon Open - Reduced the amount of races in Open Racing events before a car change, from 5 to 3
  • Horizon Open - Removed S2 Cross Country races from rotation

Yeah not keen on that. 5 races is longer but a bad result can be recovered from more easily, plus I never managed to perfect a score! (Best was 96!).

S2 CC is also a sad loss, S2 Dirt is still there but its seeming dominated by Hoonigan RS200s, S2 CC had a much wider pool of vehicles. My lowest PI was an Audi RS6 Avaunt at S906 which was still competitive and my best car Ford Mustang S5 was only a S960ish.

Thats nice, but can you guys prioritize the radio problem? I still havent heard what music the game has because Im stuck on horizon XS station since day 1. The button to change radio doesnt work. I “fixed” it by disabling radio music in the audio options, but feels bad to not even know what other music is inside the game.

Oh and I fast traveled to a horizon arcade (drift) and my game has frozen in the fast travel loading screen. Thats new.

Edit: I managed to solo a horizon arcade drift event by myself… seems soloable now! “getting sideways” on the playlist is still bugged and not being completed tho

Worked for me. Are you doing e-drifts instead of regular by any chance?

Actually I was trying to do on the horizon arcade but it is on horizon open!
ugh these names lol! anyways its my fault

I had the same issue the first couple nights and it was caused by having “Streamer Mode” turned on. Turn that off and then you’ll have all the stations back.

Sorry for the long delay on the reply, but nope… it’s not that. Still cant hear any other radio (or turn off radio)…

This may just be a coincidence (though it seems unlikely), but since I’ve downloaded the patch update, I’ve had to force quit the game 3 times – twice while trying to install a tune, and once after a race when it wouldn’t return to the world map. Never had a loading issue like that before the patch.


Yes, it’s a problem for many on X Series after the update. Also happens when buying a car, gift drops, applying paint and vinyls.