Beta tester's

This list proves PGG has no Quality Assurance department, because they use us find all the problems with the game.

Accessibility - Player is not informed that it is not possible to join the Horizon Life session when the Game Speed is lowered
Accessibility - Colorblind option doesn’t change the mini map route color. (Date Added:11.24.21)
Accessibility - Colorblind option Tritanopia issue when viewing Tire size
Accolades - Shaken Not Stirred - Accolade requires a car that isn’t available in-game (Date Added:11.22.21)
Accolades - One Last Ride - Does not unlock if this is done with the Welcome Pack 1988 Toyota Supra RZ. (Date Added:11.24.21)
Accolades - Blood, Sweat, and Gears - Some players are not able to complete the accolade (Date Added:12.03.21)
Accolades - Five a Day, Marathon, Double Time reset if player fast travels or changes their car. (Date Added:12.7.21)
Accolades - The Hyper Clean Accolade does not unlock (Date Added:11.24.21)
Accolades - Horizon Arcade - Some accolades do not complete after the third round of the event. (Angle Grinder, Traction Control, Blazing Squads) (Date Added:11.19.21)
Accolades - Stay Frosty - Accolade may not complete correctly for some players. (Date Added:11.29.21)
Accolades - In quick succession - Accolade does not display as complete in menu. (Date Added:11.29.21)
Accolades - El Camino - Proof Positive and Statues Beneath Blue Water do not complete (Date Added:12.8.21)
Accolades - Stats for certain Rivals accolades only increment on circuit race lap times.
Achievement - “I have the high ground” achievement only increment on circuit race lap times
Achievements - You could say I’m a fan - Achievement may not unlock after completing some car collections. (Such as BMW where the Bonus is as 24 cars) (Date Added:11.29.21)
Achievements - Fit to Print - Text reads “Take photos of 200 different cars for Horizon Promo” when the requirement is to take photos of 50 different Legendary cars. (Date Added:12.9.21)
Accolades - TwilightSaga - Taking the photo at night does not complete this.(Date Added:12.02.21)
Accolades - Odin’s Pride - Says to use 2021 AM Valhalla instead of the 2019 Aston Martin Valhalla (Date Added:12.8.21)
Accolades - The Canyon Statue - Does not complete correctly to discover and Photograph the Statue in the Canyon (Date Added:12.8.21)
Auction House - Bid may fail and remove credits. Player may receive a “Bid Failed” or a “Not enough credits” message
Audio - Rebooting the console with headphones plugged into the controller and then booting the game results in only the radio audio being heard
Audio - When changing output format from stereo to 7.1 (or any other combination) the game sometimes goes silent.
Blueprint- Ramp assets placed during creation may not appear in race
Audio - Audio no longer works after turning on Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic on PC
Barn Finds - Unable to collect the Mk1 Ford Escort. This may show up after a reboot
Cars - Barn Find cars from FH4 are labeled as Barn Finds in FH5 when auctioned
Cars - Lotus Elise GT1 1997 tagged as Barn Find in Auction House
Cars Porsche Spyder 918 main body of the aero wing remains inactive when the car is speeding up or braking
Cars - 1998 Toyota Supra RZ has window trim issues on each side
Cars -1998 Toyota Supra RZ is missing a gear shift animation
Cars - Convertible feature does not work in free roam for some cars such as the Honda S2000, Mazda mx5 2016, Mazda mx5 2013, and Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG
Cars - 2013 Ferrari Laferrari - Front and rear diffuser appear grey instead of a darker color.
Cars - BMW M5 2018 - Drivers side front brake caliper is blue in the stock version of the car, all other calipers are yellow.
Cars - Livery - Liveried Gift Car thumbnails show as stock car paint until the player gets into the car and drives it or applies an upgrade. (Date Added:11.19.21)
Cars - UI - “race slick” tires are incorrectly shown as “offroad tires” (Date Added:11.22.21)
Cars - 2002 Enzo Ferrari - Stock rims are chrome in free roam after painting them black. (Date Added:11.23.21)
Cars - Mastery - Unlocking the car reward through the skill mastery does not add the car to the player garage. (Date Added:11.23.21)
Cars - DLC - 2011 BMW X5 M Forza Edition appears in wheelspins when it is DLC (Date Added:11.30.21)
Cars - Hoonigan Porsche 911 Turbo Rear Brakes and not aligned. (Date Added:11.30.21)
Cars - BMW 1 Series M Coupe 2011 - When the engine is running, the speedometer changes colors (Date Added:12.01.21)
Cars - Ford 1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback - Reported tuning issues inconsistent with previous title expectations. (Date Added:12.01.21)
Cars - 1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec rim color texture issues (Date Added:12.03.21)
Cars - 2013 Ferrari 458 Speciale - Issues changing the color of the calipers.(Date Added:12.7.21)
Cars - UI - Can-AM Maverick X RS Turbo R 2018 - Feature Unavailable error message when selecting the car from the Car Collection and Autoshow.(Date Added:12.7.21)
Cars - Can-Am Maverick X RS Turbo R 2018 - The back panels for the Can-Am come up as Jet Black no matter the color on the car. (Date Added:12.7.21)
Cars - Can-AM Maverick X RS Turbo R 2018 - License plate is not illuminated at night (Date Added:12.7.21)
Cars - Ferrari F12tdf 2015 - The carbon fiber parts on the car are gray and not black (Date Added:12.7.21)
Cars - Ferrari F12tdf 2015 - Front passenger brake caliper will not change when the calipers are painted. (Date Added:12.7.21)
Cars - Ford Racing Puma Forza Edition 1999 - Hood corruption on opening in Forzavista. (Date Added:12.8.21)
Clubs - Players may be removed from club after restarting the game
Clubs - Players may receive network error messages when trying to create clubs.
Clubs - Club tag is not displaying for some players. (Date Added:11.23.21)
Controller - Custom Controller mapping cannot be saved with unassigned actions
Controller - Advanced controller option to Switch Anna / Telemetry / TTS is not available for custom controller profiles.
Controller - Players may not be able to change their radio station
Controller - After creating a Custom Layout player is unable to use any ANNA/LINK options
Controller - Player can’t proceed past ANNA/ Forza Link introduction if they are using a custom control layout (Players will need to update their controller layout to a default to get get past this)
Controller - Controller vibration suddenly stopped working after being disconnected from an online session
Controller - Some races may set transmission to automatic
Controller - Controller Rumble & haptics lost after quitting Horizon Open on next event signup screen.
Convoy - Players in a convoy may disappear and reappear repeatedly.
Convoy - A prompt saying that the convoy leader is already in a convoy sometimes appears when attempting to invite other players
Convoy - Players are not able to join another Player after they create a significant number of new convoys back-to-back
Convoy - There is no ability to place a waypoint while in a convoy to show where everyone should go to. (Date Added:11.24.21)
Convoy - Convoy members get kicked when Xbox Console leader starts an Event Blueprint. (Date Added:12.03.21)

Convoy - UI - When players join a race with a convoy with Speech To Text enabled, the UI remains permanently on screen. (Date Added:12.03.21)

Convoy - UI - Spinner icon shows for some any convoy members.(Date Added:12.03.21)

Convoy - Sometimes players are unable to join the convoy via Pause Menu if convoy type has been recently changed.(Date Added:12.03.21)

Convoy - Only the convoy leader can see other players. (Date Added:12.03.21)
Crash - Crashes during free roam, tuning cars, applying upgrades due to memory issue causing loss of tunes, cars, or upgrades
Crash - Game may crash when receiving an auction house car, resulting in losing that car. (Date Added:12.7.21)
Cutscenes - La Casa Solariega - Player car wheels continue to spin on enter house cinematic
DLC- VIP house (La Casa Solariega) may not give 5 wheels spins when purchased.
DLC - UI - Game is incorrectly showing some DLC packs as free. (Date Added:12.7.21)
Environment - Terrain may disappear temporarily during Co-op Expeditions
Environment - Corrupted textures are visible on the road and terrain in certain areas of the map after completing a Horizon Arcade event
Eliminator - The Player may become unable to pause or open the map during an Eliminator session
Eliminator - Player can access Barn Finds and use it to send gifts
Eliminator - Players can’t see other player positions
Event Lab - Route Creator - If you create a route blueprint at a Street Race location the default checkpoints are loaded in and you can’t place your own checkpoints.
Event Lab - Event uses Daytime weather when the route is set to Tropical Storm
Expeditions - Horizon Adventure locations do not unlock properly if the player does them in coop. Players will need to go to the expedition location and do it again alone.
Festival Playlist - PR Stunt Playlist objective may be marked as complete on the map if the wrong car is used to get 3 stars. These will not be marked as complete in the Festival Playlist menu.
Festival Playlist - Cannot complete season PR stunts in a lower class car. Players may get an ‘Incorrect Car for Seasonal Objective’ notification in this case. (Date Added:11.23.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Crowd-pleaser Daily challenge does not unlock unless the player completes a showcase event they have never done before
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - The Explorer Daily challenge does not unlock unless the player completes a showcase event they have never done before (Date Added:11.23.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - The ‘Wash for 20 Seconds’ challenge only unlocks when performing a Dirty Lap rather than a Clean Lap
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - The “Zoomies” challenge to drive 250mph for 5 seconds does not complete.
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Weekly Challenge chapter 4 does not complete when players get 2/2.
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Weekly Challenge “A True Super GT” resets after restarting the game.
Festival Playlist - Playlist tile shows ‘1’ notification even though all rewards already been claimed
Festival Playlist - ‘Welcome Week’ is not available in the series history screen.
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - ‘It’s Raining Sideways’ seasonal championship weather jarringly and abruptly changes during all 3 events.
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Seasonal Championship - Letting Off Steam, New kid on the Block, It’s Rainin’ Sideways may not complete after finishing the races
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Seasonal Championship - Four on the Floor, Pick up the Pace, When it rains, it Pours may not complete after finishing the races
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Seasonal Championship - No Expense Spared, The Real Deal, Midnight Battle may not complete after finishing the races (Date Added:11.29.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Collectibles - “Gotta Smash em All” 100 cacti challenge may not complete.
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Daily Challenge Riveting - does not unlock after completing a Horizon Story chapter the player completed before (Date Added:11.24.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Daily Challenge - Bargain Hunt - Does not complete.(Date Added:11.24.21)
Festival Playlist - Completing a Horizon Arcade event does not mark the playlist complete (Date Added:11.24.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Winter - Weekly Challenge - Neunelfer - Player cannot complete Chapter 3 having already taken a photo of the car for Horizon Promo before (Date Added:11.29.21)
Festival Playlist - Trial - Some players are experiencing spawn issues when starting the trial (Date Added:12.01.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 1 Winter - The Trial - Trial allows Players to select car from any PI class which creates a very difficult challenge (Date Added:12.01.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 1 - Spring - Horizon Open - Getting Sideways - does not complete for some players (Date Added:12.10.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 2- Summer - Treasure Hunt: Blazing Thunder – players who have previously completed trailblazer with 3 stars are not able to unlock the treasure chest (Date Added:12.10.21)
Festival Playlist - Seasonal Championship - Seasonal Championship events do not mark as complete after finishing all races. (Date Added:12.06.21)
Festival Playlist - Series 2 - Summer - Seasonal Championship - Toys Under the Tree, Yule The Boss, Good Tidings we Bring may not complete after finishing the races (Date Added:12.10.21)

Festival Playlist - Series 2 - Autumn- Seasonal Championship - Carol of the bel airs, Drivin’ home for xmas, Getting Hyped may not complete after finishing the races (Date Added:12.10.21)

Festival Playlist - Series 2 - Winter- Seasonal Championship - Feliz Navidad, Oh, Deer, '20 Supra GR Championship may not complete after finishing the races (Date Added:12.10.21)

Festival Playlist - Series 2 - Summer - Seasonal Championship - Auld Land Syne, Down For the Countdown, New Beginnings may not complete after finishing the races (Date Added:12.10.21)

Festival Playlist - Series 2 - Summer - Daily - Triple Drop - Challenge is not completing for some players (Date Added:12.10.21)
Gameplay - The Rewind feature causes the drivatars to start driving backwards once the progress is resumed on several races. (Date Added:12.03.21)
Gift Drop - Receiving a Gift Drop sometimes doesn’t work(Date Added:11.22.21)
Graphics - Water droplet effects may remain on screen.
Graphics - Vegetation shows low detail on higher spec devices.(Date Added:11.23.21)
Head-to-Head - Losing the race during rewind forces the player out of the rewind and causes the car to be stuck in place with high speed
Head to Head - Opponents may be listed as a D-class car
Horizon Arcade - Event may start without a full group of players or with too small of a group of players.
Horizon Arcade - Players may disappear when the event starts (Date added:11.19.21)
Horizon Arcade - Players are not awarded points if they are disconnected. (Date Added:11.24.21)
Horizon Promo - Some cars in Horizon Promo are not able to be accepted as being shot. (Examples: Traffic cars, Flat Bed truck, Monster truck) (Date Added:12.9.21)
Houses - Hotel Castillo - Players may not get daily wheelspins from the house.
Houses - Lugar Tranquilo - Game does not respond to any controller input after setting Lugar Tranquilo as Player Home and leaving the house (Date Added:12.03.21)
Liveries - Some player liveries are disappearing from being shared but are still in the creative HUB
Liveries - Player liveries may not load in free roam.
Liveries - Not all Forza Horizon 4 Liveries are syncing to Forza Horizon 5. (Date Added:12.8.21)
Localization - Tuning Menu is Called ‘Melodiás’ in Spanish
Localization - “William” used instead of “Willian” in Brazilian Portuguese
Loyalty Rewards - Some players are not receiving loyalty rewards from various titles. (Date Added:11.24.21)
Map - Players’ dots on the map may appear to be driving a D-class car
Playground Games - Playground games sometimes spawns the player outside the play area.
Rivals - Several events have ghosts with impossibly fast lap times.
Photos - Wheels do not stay turned left or right in photo mode. (Date Added:11.22.21)
Saves - Some players are experiencing save rollbacks when reloading into the game.
Saves - Players may receive a E:104f-0 save error (Date Added:11.19.21)
Saves - Players may receive a E:106f-0 save error (Date Added:11.19.21)
Saves - Players may receive a E:107f-0 save error (Date Added:11.19.21)
Saves - Players may receive a E:1043-0 save error (Date Added:11.19.21)
Saves - Players may receive a E:136f-0 save error (Date Added:11.19.21)
Saves - Players may get an e:306f-0 Invalid Save error message (Date Added:11.29.21)
Saves - Players may get an e:1047-0 Invalid Save error message
Saves - Players may get an e:1045-0 Invalid Save error message
Stories - Cars may not spawn in “Coast to Coast” Test Driver Story
Stories - “Off the Beaten Trail” Test Driver Story and certain optional Expedition objectives cannot be completed with maximum assists enabled
Stories - Born Fast - Some chapters do not unlock after player get 3 stars on previous chapters.
Stories - V10 - Some chapters do not unlock after player get 3 stars on previous chapters.
Stories - EL Camino - Some chapters do not unlock after player get 3 stars on previous chapters. (Date Added:11.30.21)
Stories - V10 - Some jumps do not register distance or complete.
Super 7 - The “No Music” option is not working when creating a Challenge Card in Super7
Super 7 - Dust Storm and Tropical Storm aren’t selectable options in Challenge Card Weather Settings
UI - Credits prompt does not appear after some races
UI - Telemetry overlay may not turn off preventing usage of other menu items
UI - Daily Payouts (design and paints) sometimes do not add to the player’s total and the player does not receive an error message.
UI - Daily Payouts are capped at 50k credits for some players.
UI - Daily Payouts showing 0 credits for some players.
UI - Online friends are occasionally not shown in the Online Players List
UI - Navigation lines may be missing when using ANNA to complete more Horizon Stories for Accolades
UI - Text displays “Please change back to Timeless FM” when a skill song plays.
UI - Players are not getting the reward for completing car collections
UI - Message Center - Kudos sometimes do not add to the player’s total
UI - Horizon Arcade “Stay With Group” Notification stays on screen until game restart. (Date Added:11.24.21)
UI - Festival Playlist - Placeholder string for horizon arcade panel “No Valid Stuntparty, Description yeah” (Date Added:11.24.21)
UI - Game uses “Tom” Instead of “Tobias” (Date Added:12.01.21)
UI - HUD elements are not displayed for players in freeroam on Xbox (Date Added:12.03.21)
Wheel - User is asked to save changes in Wheel Controls Settings regardless if changes were made
Wheelspins - Player may not get both cars when two are shown in wheelspins.
Wheelspins - Wheelspin may not be granted on level up in free roam.
Wheelspins - Player will lose car if they attempt to gift the wheelspin car then back out of the gift menu.
xCloud - Players may experience mouse control issues on the Replay screen
Publishing an arena in EventLab navigates to the custom events screen which shows the newly-created event
Cut-scenes lock to 30 FPS while user setting is set to “Unlocked Frame-Rate (Variable)”
Non-standard aspect ratios do not have their native resolution set by default
Challenge Cards can be created in offline mode even though they cannot be published
Player is unable to set group/convoy run from map screen
Player may become blocked after switching input devices in some areas.
User has to terminate and relaunch the title to apply an installed language pack
Black bars persist on top of the screen when creating a new route in playground games
There is no on-screen message while matchmaking for Horizon Open
Not completing Co-op “Buggy and the Beast” can cause persistent cinematic black bars
Idle players are sometimes not properly kicked for inactivity
Checkpoints cannot be placed if creating a route blueprint at a Street Race location in EventLab
Props will occasionally fail to load in Challenges
Air Event volcano - GPS route did not update for Round 3 Danger Sign
Players may experience infinite “Waiting for Players” screens after finishing first stage of the Co-op Baja Expedition
Long wait times can be experienced during matchmaking
The livery or tune on a Gift Drop can be removed if an error is encountered while uploading it
When applying a livery players may notice the background to be filled in rather than being transparent
Player fails Skill Chain progress when disconnected from the network or when car randomly stops.
Red smoke in street scene races appears pixelated
Players who have a lot of photos may receive a “Too Many Saves” error message


Yes I was thinking that too, but this is probably more like pre Alpha …
And they are still counting money, even after paying for this:
so nobody gives a flying … about actual problems


Maybe they outsourced work to Bethesda now they are all M$ owned

Holy cow, that is insane how long the list is, that must have taken a while to organize and you even alphabetized it, I imagine rage was somewhat of a driving factor haha as I had a running list as well but not nearly thorough.
It is inexcusable they would release the game in this state and charge $100.

I went to their “official” list, but while doing a quick browsing under fixed, many actually aren’t:
For instance invisible players in PGG, Eliminator and arcade, all of that I experienced few days ago.

Yesterday afternoon I was browsing Microsoft store and FH5 had a score of 2.9, with reviews stating their previous negative reviews were removed … that made me think back to morning, where I accidentally missed play button to be sent to store and somehow remember seeing a score of 1.5. Old eyes and memory, or actually more fitting score.


Basically every aspect of the game is bugged in one way or another. That almost seems like too much to fix. If you were working on some sort of coding project and that many elements were bugged, you’d have to start over.

I naively thought they might put in the extra work for this game to make it less prone to these issues than 4 was but they doubled down. All of their systems are built on top of each other. Like in 4 when they increased the garage limit. They wiped out all the skill trees on every single car for every player. Those systems should have no effect on one another but they inexplicably do. Why they had such a low limit when they clearly had plans to add hundreds more cars, I’ll never know.

The whole game engine is like Jenga. If they mess with one piece the whole thing could come crashing down. They may see or hear about some of these comments and think we’re just being overly harsh and entitled but are we? They need to put the awards down for a minute, take a step back and look at that list. Really look at it.

As someone who paid full price for the premium edition, I feel like I am entitled to a game that works.


Bla, u need someone who knows what he is doing. At Ubisoft for ex u have sometimes 800+ people working on same title but these people are not there later. Team shrinks down to teams doing dlc’s and some people working on fixes after launch. Over time most of them are gone there is not 800+ people sitting around waiting for some bugreport. And in theory it’s fine and can be done by one person if he knows how to locate, isolate and fix the issue. In next version u have new smaller team (incl newbies, trainees) its fine no need to create new engine, tools, “reinvent the wheel”.

No idea how it worked in Horizon… They took the engine, knowledge and people from T10’s ForzaMotorsport for first title but i’m sure pgg created own teams (or looking at their job ads they build one :D) and maybe T10 people join for bigger releases (3, 4, 5). But you can’t start from scratch with these teams.

And btw its cheaper and easier to fix things… But thats the problem here they created v3(fh5) branch without fixing bugs in fh4 so it was already part of fh5 and they added new stuff and some later v2 (fh4) fixes never got merged into v3. If u take closer look u can find stuff from fh2 in fh5 maybe u can also find some fh2 bug in fh5

I’m sure someone messed up there or found some “creative” way to fix it :smiley: I’m 100% sure there was some “#define GARAGE_LIMIT 300” or something like this in the code. And yeah maybe it was “never touch a working system” style and wasn’t allowed to fiddle around with this and they built something around or someone found own solution :smiley: placing lots of if(nCarsInGarage < (GARAGE_LIMIT + 200)) is some working fix but stupid one and trust me ppl become creative. And who knows how it was managed in savefiles maybe there was no other way or just “who cares do it”.

Or maybe this is true

and they have no idea how it works. Noone from first team working on it? Who knows…

Wait few weeks pretty sure it was never properly done and people show up with “too many bla”/“save broken” posts

Na, the problem is not the engine it’s the ppl behind/around it… Maybe some “elite” players doing “support”… My stuff from bugreports isn’t listed so maybe if support is unable to reproduce or trigger on own copy means it never gets listed or reaches some dev… doesnt matter if u include videos demonstrating the bug (btw the counter on yt shows 0 so noone is watching these videos). If it never reaches some dev it can’t be fixed… Or it’s “who cares” (MM was saying nothing is ignored)

From Bugreport


Who knows how many bugs are in the known issues list itself :smiley: Seems someone is updating it by hand…

They need some proper issuetracker… Would be way better with something like Monorail - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail
Dev is able to look at it and it allows me to see “how” they work on it and when/how it was fixed. For ex some bug reported 5 years ago it’s not closed and it keeps me updated via mail i’m able to see they have no idea how to fix it and i can give additional hints (ok its opensource i can submit some fix). Not this “marked as solved/closed without fix” rubbish.

Or something simpler like Trello (i can see ppl are working on it and devs/testers adding workarounds for supportstaff). Doesn’t matter but it feels like working with pro’s not some “cheap” uncompleted list updated by hand (sorry to whoever is doing it :D)

Sounds hard but forza has worst/hidden support ever… thumbs up to the people doing their work in forum and other places!

Yeah we monitored storepage for a while after launch and they cleaned up a bit. Some 5 star ratings appeared in german store with reviews using uncommon german words looked bit fake or spammed by fanboys using some translator. And some ppl changed the rating later (game wasn’t starting before so they rated with 1 star and changed to 5stars after update)
German store shows 40% 1star vs 38% 5stars atm total 3.0 (was 3.8 two weeks ago after “cleanup”, lets see what happens after xmas)
“Best Sports/Racing Game 2021” with 3.0 rating :smiley: I mean yeah it’s somewhere hidden in the current “mess”


“Fixed” - Throwing Shade Accolade.

This stupid one always relocks itself. But PGG list it as now fixed.

This list is very amateur. If anybody see something they will add it. That’s not how it works. You need to check the bug first and at least confirm it. This is useless list without any real info. At least we know the game has possibly some bugs.

I have been very critical of Playground…however, I can live with a slew of bugs (I played a lot of Football Manager which used to make FH5’s bug list look minute!)…for me, my main issue is the sheer laziness and/or incompetence…I mean just look at the Seasonal Mazda Challenge: The wording on the Accolades has nothing to do with what needs to be done (ie smashing 25 Candy Canes doesn’t show as that when it’s pinned)…how does that escape someone’s attention?

But, never mind: The game is the Best Sports/Racing Game this year!! We should all forget that this is a very broken game and celebrate it! Tone Deaf really sums up Playground when it comes to it’s userbase.


There are even spelling mistakes in the car accolades, like calling a Skyline a Skyling. It’s shambolic.


and those tranlationissues like Streetrace and Roadrace both translate to the same german word “Strassenrennen” so there is a hell of confusion gooing on in many parts of the daily/weekly challenges when it say “gewinne 3 Strassenrennen gegen (…)” you always pick the wrong racetype at first… this translation issue is directly transported from FH4



I love your fix description of ranked adventure. So true.

I still love the game but many things are very amateur. Like this forum, like Hub, like communication, like testing, like many stuff…

None of the bugs in my list are even in that list. You could add at least another 20 real bugs to the list.


How many other racing games were released this year? And the single player campaign races do work in Forza Horizon 5. Only any other thing is almost broken. So being the only racing game this year makes it almost no wonder that it is the best. But because of that it is not a trophy to be proud of.

I can remember some of the comments of youtubers who got the prerelease version before game going gold. They mentioned that there are bugs, which certainly will be erased before the public release. Seems it was not the case. And none of these preview video or game footage had actual multiplayer gameplay in it. So if PGG only tested multiplayer with local servers no wonder there are so many problems concerning that side of the game.

And I truly think that they are underestimated the success in the first weeks. They by no chance ever had the server capacity in multiplayer for 10 000 000 players. That maybe is the reason for crashing games right at the start, you don’t get a free slot on the servers. Somehow like some call center hotlines where you get thrown out of the waiting loop if all call center agents are busy.

The first week I was pleasured by the game though the graphic turned from ultra at FH4 to low on my rig. Wanted even to get my hands on a Xbox Series X through Xbox All Access. But after all the bugs now we come over and the customer unfriendly politics of the devs. No thank you…

Had bought a Xbox 360 for FH1 and the first four FM title, bought a Xbox One S for FH2 and FM5+6 and even bought the limited FH5 Xbox Controller to get the FE Ford Coupe. I am really dissappointed.

As I called myself earlier a forza fanboy, I still like the games but not their developer anymore.


@Jogicat: You are right…it’s no surprise it won the award. However, it was sports/racing so wasn’t just racing games…then again, other games nominated included Hot Wheels Unleashed and FIFA22

Glad I didn’t over pay for new console for this backbirth.
This group could screw up Pong.
GOTY. Lol.
Just shoot for GOAT.