September 23rd Forza Monthly Q&A -- Submit Your Questions Here

The next episode of “Forza Monthly” will be broadcast on September 23rd. Submit your questions here for consideration on the show!



For Forza Horizon 4, Is there any plans on fixing engine sounds that either have copied sounds on cars like the Nissan Skyline R32 & R33 or cars that sounded a bit better in previous forza titles like the 2017 Ford GT in Forza Horizon 3 based on community feedback?

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Will we see a different way to group the cars in the game? It seems weird to me that open wheelers and GT cars are grouped together.

Will we see an full day-/night cycle?

As i recall Microsoft talked about SSD for Scarlett during E3. How do you expect this to change racing games going forward?

When will Turn 10 look at updating or replacing car models recycled from first gen forza games and fixing old customization and bodykits that are missing components, such as the Rocket Bunny 240sx that has no GT WING or the Honda CRX that still has no sideskirts?


So… Will older tracks return like Fujimi Kaido?
And will we have an update on the Forza Aero kits in the customization?


Can “Forza Motorsport 8” or whatever the game ends up being called have a rework to aerodynamics? Currently the Forza upgrades are the only upgrades that actually add downforce, and the amount of downforce added doesn’t seem to have any relation to the actual size of wing. Additionally, active aero doesn’t seem to have any effect and wings that come stock on cars are much less effective than the Forza wings, even if the model makes them seem like they should be more effective. A big example of this is the Porsche GT2 RS, the cover car. The massive wing on the back adds much less downforce than the smaller Forza wing.


With the next build of Forza, will you guys be looking at bringing more Australian tracks to the game? And would you guys add jumps to some tracks for stadium trucks if there in the next build?

Could we see Fantasy Tracks from previous Motorsport games return in the next game?

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when can we expect the Forza forums to have wishlist threads ready for the next Motorsport game so we can suggest what we want in the next game?

could we see the return of Fast & Furious cars in Horizon 4 or the next Motorsport game?

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Are there plans thath we’ll have the posibility to change the inch of tiers and rims?

I have a couple questions for the Forza Motorsport franchise.

Will autocross be expanded upon in the next game?

Assuming there will still be many cars in the game, will there be a way to sort cars into custom made groups made by the player?
(Something like being able to, say, make two sorting options called “Flat tracks” and “Bumpy tracks” and being able to put cars into those groups. Feel free to re-word it)

Will there be any changes to how aero works, specifically something like aftermarket or factory wings being able to produce adjustable downforce instead of being a cosmetic item?

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I’m a big fan of the WEC and IMSA. Do you have any plans to improve multi-class racing and endurance racing in the next Forza Motorsport? (both single and multiplayer)

Are you guys able to make car idle sounds a little more louder when a vehicle Is stopped?

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In the next Motorsport game, Will we get to race A.I. in split screen?

My Question For Turn 10: Would a highly in depth photo mode be considered for the next forza motorsport game? One with many options that have not been in any forza game, and improving/ expanding current features in the photo mode already implemented in current/previous motorsport and horizon games. Personally, I would love to see a proper feature to take and view portrait shots in the game…

About Forza Horizon 4.
Is there any plans for nearest updates aimed at issue with unsporting behavior like boosters (high skilled players which stay on low rank on purpose for the team) or tactical leaving the session in ranked team adventures?
And are you considering rollback to moment when team was able to score points for opposite team players who left the session?

The Lamborghini Huracan Performante has been the most popularly requested car for Forza Horizon 4 even before the game was released. Will that be coming soon?

will the Car Soccer game mode ever return to Forza?


I don’t live in an English-speaking area, so I like the forum style that can be translated in some browsers such as Chrome and can easily view past logs.
So I have anxiety. Is Discord the only way to post discussions, feedback and wishlists for Forza Motorsport 8 (and the future Forza)?

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