August 27th Forza Monthly Q&A -- Submit Your Questions Here

The next episode of “Forza Monthly” will be broadcast on August 27th. Submit your questions here for consideration on the show!


Will qualifying be in Forza Motorsport 8? Would love to utilize that in career mode and certain hoppers. (endurance)

Any chance of bringing in more Pontiacs into the game in the future?

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Will the next installment have more realistic wheel turning, physics, more tracks such as rally tracks, real tyre options and much more new cars?


When do we get the Fujimi Kaido back? It was my favourite track back then.


Q: I myself you love to see a bodykit builder, mainly for the Horizon series so we can make some big winged Hillclimb vehicles and autocross cars. Maybe also Hillclimb tracks like Pikes Peak in a Motorsport 8? Let’s make it happen!


Will there be more cars from partnerships with racing-serieses?

Will all the latest gte cars be in the next Forza Motorsport, such as the the 488 GTE EVO? And will there be more gt3 cars, such as the Porsche 911GT3R?

Will FM8 finally update Forza aero and continue to expand customization?

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Will there be more “Motorsport” content in the next Forza Motorsport game? Tracks, IMSA cars, TCR etc…

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Hey there, I wanted to ask how are you guys going to address cheaters in the Forza RC’s, they’re using cheats or exploits to get faster times in order to qualify from home, but then result legit once at the studio. It’s known in the forza community that there’s cheaters doing so and still able to participate in Forza RC’s.
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Are there any aspects of the current Drivatars’ AI the team isn’t particulary happy with? If so, how is the team planning to fix/improve those aspects for the next Motorsport game?

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First I’d like to thank Chris and T10 team for the continuous improvements troughout the years on FM7 . I have two questions but, I’d be happy if you answer aleast one of them.
What’s the future for Homologation ? Have you at least considered making it optional even in singleplayer, if you are to use it again ?
You said that you are building new frameworks for things, does that include new, better audio/car sound system/framework ? Don’t necessairly mean only the car sound samples, but how the game handles audio etc.

How much longer will you keep putting dlc into forza horizon 4 and since there isn’t a new forza console game will there be anymore expansions coming.


Hi team,

My question is in relation to tracks in future game releases, whether it be Motorsport 8 or further into the future.
Will we ever see in game tracks that either no longer exist (E.g. Brooklands circuit in the UK, Marlboro Motor Raceway Maryland) or variations of tracks with sections that are no longer used (e.g. the original layout of Spa-Francorchamps and Hockenheimring)?

Q1. Community generally agree the previous Motorsports career has been dull and repetitive; lacking genuine immersion and narrative, will next Motorsport feature improvements to the career, for example a realistic “Zero to Hero” progression from amateur track events to world championship titles in disciplines of players choosing? Economy featuring contracts and sponsors?

Q2. Is there a plan to improve the A.I from what the community refer to as “Drivatards”, A.I performance is critical to an immersive player experience, Is it possible for Motorsport to match current benchmarks such as F1 2019?

Q3. Will next Motorsport have more strategic elements possibly including things like qualifying, tyre management, tyre compounds, detailed pit stops, fuel load & consumption, mechanical failures, etc.?

Q4. In multiplayer, will we see FRR being combined with ranking system like leagues to allow better matchmaking of players with similar skills and intentions?

Q5. Does the sentiment “put the Motorsport back in Motorsport” mean we can expect less SUV’s, 4x4’s, costumes, etc (referred to as “Horizonication”) and more performance/racing cars and features in the next Motorsport?

Q6. Inline with a greater Motorsport focus, will customization and tuning receive more features, specifically more detailed race upgrades (eg. Aero Parts, Stripped interiors, racing seats, centre lock wheels, Lexan windows, carbon panels, adjustable traction control, etc)?

Q7. . This post has received a lot of support from the Forza Community, have you read? is there any particular item that stands out as viable addition for Next Motorsport?

Is it possible, in the future of Forza Motorsport, to expect to see more unique and underestimated racing circuits such as Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia or some of the street tracks on the Formula One calendar?

I like the homologation system in FM7. It was great fun playing the GT and Prototype classes in particular. In the future could you allow players to use real-world homologation classes like LMP1, LMP2, DPi, GTE, GT3 and GT4 instead of lumping them all together in GT, P1 and P2, thus giving more options for multi-class racing and the ability to experience a more real to life race category?

In the next Forza Motorsport can we create championships by choosing each track and each participating car?

In the new Forza Motorsport, can we adjust the height of cars without necessarily installing a racing suspension?