August Forza Monthly Q&A -- Submit Your Questions Here

As announced on the July edition of Forza Monthly, we’ll have a Q+A in the August edition of the show. Submit your questions in the thread below.


Any plans on bringing in other cars from “Top Gear” or maybe even making it a 3rd Expansion?


Will cosmetic damage improve with windows breaking similar FH1? Will weight reduction changes make visible changes similar to the passenger seat being removed in FH1 on Race reduction? Will tuning ever be independent for each corner of the car?

Will we see an improvement/fix to the AI/Drivatar behavior? Additionally, will the AI car choices be fixed so it’s not always the same model (e.g. Ford Focus RS, Dodge Charger, Audi TT)?


This might sound way off :slight_smile: Would it be possible to allow a friend to sit in the passenger seat of another friend while racing online or in multiplayer? You can show off your driving skills and handling ability of your cars tuning setup, etc. and make it a more personalized experience? Similar to spectating but not exactly!

In the future of FH4, could we possibly be seeing the addition of more Australian cars to the series such as 80s to 90s Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons?

I would like to know when the new Forza will be released and if we will have more DLC for the FH4 until the new game of the series comes?


  1. Will the next game have a bigger emphasis on pits? Like crew animations and the ability to make and choose our strategies? In the stream you said you want the next game to be a full Motorsport experience, and pits are a huge part of selling that idea IMHO

  2. Will you rework the drivatars in the next game? So that they feel more “authentic” to race with? In particular, I dislike how they never seem to pass each other beyond the first few corners: I wish they would fight each other, creating new interesting gameplay scenarios for the player, like the F1 games do. Also, I wish they were less aggressive and more aware of the presence of the player, but I think you already know that!


Will the next FM8/Forza Motorsport game be released on Xbox One X or will it be a next gen console exclusive?

  1. Are you releasing Forza Motorsport every 2 years or releasing when its fully finished?
  2. Can we have some drift tracks like assetto Corsa has?
  3. Can uncap how tunes can download?

Q1: Would there be a possible chance for a “Track Editor” on the next game of Forza Motorsport?

For an idea of how said Track Editor may work;

Something akin to how Halo previously had their FORGE feature, where content creators can place / remove tire barriers, K-Rails, track markers (painted areas on track, cones, rumble strips, etc.) as well as crates, large immovable objects and possibly buildings?

The editor could possibly be restricted to the Open Space Test Track (akin to Open Airfield as it was called in Forza Motorsport 7), and when their creations are finished maybe players could name and share their tracks to the community.

A track editor is something much of the community has inquired about for at least the last 4 generations of Forza Motorsport and would be a cool feature that not many other games have explored.

Q2: For the next game, will there be a possibility of a “Rally Expansion”?

With the abundance of Off-Road vehicles already in Forza 7, many players felt like they weren’t as desirable to drive because they weren’t in their natural setting. As FH4 has been offroad and even FH1 had a Rally Expansion, FM players have been patiently awaiting this.

Will we see the return of Forza Car Clubs with a Club Garage feature in the future Forza?

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Q1. Community generally agree the previous Motorsports career has been dull and repetitive; lacking genuine immersion and narrative, will next Motorsport feature improvements to the career, for example a realistic “Zero to Hero” progression from amateur track events to world championship titles in disciplines of players choosing? Economy featuring contracts and sponsors?

Q2. Is there a plan to improve the A.I from what the community refer to as “Drivatards”, A.I performance is critical to an immersive player experience, Is it possible for Motorsport to match current benchmarks such as F1 2019?

Q3. Will next Motorsport have more strategic elements possibly including things like qualifying, tyre management, tyre compounds, detailed pit stops, fuel load & consumption, mechanical failures, etc.?

Q4. In multiplayer, will we see FRR being combined with ranking system like leagues to allow better matchmaking of players with similar skills and intentions?

Q5. Does the sentiment “put the Motorsport back in Motorsport” mean we can expect less SUV’s, 4x4’s, costumes, etc (referred to as “Horizonication”) and more performance/racing cars and features in the next Motorsport?

Q6. Inline with a greater Motorsport focus, will customization and tuning receive more features, specifically more detailed race upgrades (eg. Stripped interiors, racing seats, aero parts, centre lock wheels, Lexan windows, carbon panels, adjustable traction control, etc)?

Q7. . This post has received a lot of support from the Forza Community, have you read? is there any particular item that stands out as viable addition for Next Motorsport?

Q1: could we get a the Halo Warthog appear again in future Forza titles like the next Motorsport title?
Q2: since we got the Ford Ranger Raptor in the July update, Could we see a good load of more offroad pick-up trucks like the 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel, 2013 Ram Runner, 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Off Road, and/or 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon in Horizon 4 in the future?
Q3: When can we start talking about what we want for the next Motorsport project in the forums? Like cars, tracks, features, etc?
Q4: Could we see more from Top Gear in future Forza titles?
Q5: could we see more things from Hot Wheels in the Forza franchise? Like new cars in games, maybe Hot Wheels toys, tracks and playsets to buy at stores based off the Forza franchise if Hot Wheels fans want to buy their favorite track from the Forza franchise if Hot Wheels decided to make them? And maybe the Hot Wheels Beetle, Camaro, & Corvette from Motorsport 7 come to Horizon 4?
Q6: Can we expect Forza editions to stay in future games, including the next motorsport project? Forza editions are a great addition to the franchise.
Q7: Could we see Toyota production cars return to Forza Horizon 4 later on or the next Forza game?
Q8: about the next Motorsport project, could we see Car Manufacturer specific divisions to race in, like a Ford division. with Ford cars only races?
Q9: Could we see the return of Fantasy Tracks from previous Motorsport games return in the next game?

Not really game specific but about the Forza Ecosystem in general. Is any work going to be put in to fixing the issues with the Forza Hub, in particular stats not updating anymore for a large number of people for both legacy and new titles? we dedicated players like this feature and want it to keep working.

In recent Forza Motorsport games, when a new game comes out, race cars that appeared in previous games such as older Indycar’s and NASCARs’ don’t come forward to the newest game. Is it possible in the next Forza Motorsport game that could change? I would like to keep older variants of the NASCAR race cars such as the Chevrolet SS moving forward in the future and race them against newer models.

Forza 1 and 2 built themselves on the grassroots racing and aftermarket tuner scene. As a fan who got into Forza for those very themes, it is quite disheartening to see Forza move further and further away from its roots. Can fans of the aftermarket scene expect FM8 to throw us a bone in form of more aftermarket branded aero parts and a larger amount of customization for our cars?


Q1: Will customization be revisited in the future? It seems to have fallen off slightly since FM5, as in several cars have lost a lot of options after that time. Additionally, will the forza aero be overhauled at some point and be reevaluated?

Q2: Could we potentially see the addition of manual boost pressure adjustment, weight ballasts (front and rear), and restrictors available to every car?

Q3: Are you guys looking into overhauling the upgrade system? It has remained largely unchanged barring a few updates over the years but it is starting to show some age and limitations. By this I mean more categories, more parts, and just more options in general.

Q4: Will you consider changing the PI system a little? Something along the lines of splitting racecars and production cars into their own categories. For instance, R class is a mess of hypercars and racecars from several different eras trying to compete with eachother, while P class is just prototypes, leaving the high end track cars like the One:1 unusable at its full power. What I’m trying to say is that perhaps production cars should get their own version of R, P, and X class.


Q1 Will we have Qualifying Races in the next Forza Motorsport title? It would tremendously increase realism.

Q2 Will there be an option in the next Forza Motorsport title to send cars directly to other players (similar to Horizon 1, not via the auction house)?

Thanks :slight_smile:


For the next motorsport game, are you looking to bring features from Forza 4 back like car clubs, club garages, club leaderboards, overall leaderboards, point to point leaderboards, storefronts, gifting tunes and decals? These are essential to keeping the game competitive!

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