Forza Q+A – Submit your questions here

As announced on Forza Monthly in June, we’ll have a Q+A in the July edition of Forza Monthly!
For this, we’d love to hear from you: Submit your FORZA questions or upvote your favorites in this thread!

Opening up a Q&A like an AMA offers an unlimited scope to questions.

Are there any topics the community shouldn’t bother asking about at this time because it’s too early in the process or can’t be discussed?

Class-based Hoppers in FM7 and class-based Rivals in FH4 were added to the games more than six months after launch.

Knowing that these are among “the most requested features from the Forza community” now, is there any reason they shouldn’t be expected in future Forza games at launch?


To address community speculation, did LEGO pay Forza to be included in FH4, or was the decision to add LEGO in any way decided by Xbox or producers instead of creative directors?


Beyond user research surveys, do the developers want to hear new-idea feature requests from the community such as story modes, game mechanics and economy, and licensed content? Or are Forza developers looking more for sentiment feedback on features in current release?


Hello Turn 10!

Is there any plans to improve the online experience in Forza Horizon 4? I am especially referring to when playing on online championships such as The Trial and Playground Games as I find quite often I am put in a team with low skilled players who very often end up quitting by the second round, and then I end up finding myself in an unfair game where I am the only person on my team against 5 or so other opposing players. In other words, I am often in a 5 v 1 match and the opposing team has an unfair advantage. I have also noticed that sometimes the teams do not start out equal in the first place and one team may end up with an unfair advantage over the other. So do you have plans to improve this issue?

Im sure its fine and dont want to bother anyone but just want to make sure its not just me but I havnt received my rewards from last weeks paint comps yet.

I know you all are probably busy with the new dlc and what not so dont think I am being impatient. I know you will get to it, just want to make sure I havnt been missed haha.

Will fujimi return in Fm7? If not will it come back in a future forza game?

This thread should be posted in the FH4/FM7 Discussion section so more people see it.

Forza 7’s IndyCar Bounty Hunter event [seems to have] marked the end of 20 months of new cars and event engagement. Will Horizon 4 content support go on that long? or longer?

Is there a date when players can look forward to playing Horizon 4 on Project xCloud, and will Forza 7 come to xCloud as well?

What happened to the Ford Ranger Raptor that was announced almost a year ago as coming to the game?


Where did the origin for naming Turn 10 Studios came from? Did it come from turn 10 at Sebring?

Remove or replace the censored music. Having played FH4 for many hours, the censorship is ridiculous.


Since Hot Wheels cars were introduced in H3 and made their way to Forza 7 - can we expect LEGO cars be added to FM8 either as a DLC or will it included in the release?

Will Experimental Drag be made available outside of single player in Forza 7? What’s the status on feedback requested about that feature?

Will Forza 7 be added to the Xbox Game Pass list?

Is the development team realistically considering adding searchable custom public lobbies to future Forza games, or is this type of in-game feature permanently displaced by Xbox’s Looking For Group and other external methods for finding hosted lobbies?


With a potential reach of 10 million players, why has the News tab of the game Message Centers gone unused for notifying players of official forum contests, Release Notes, support issues, event additions and deadlines, livestream schedules, and feedback programs such as /AskForza?

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Will we expect an update related to LeMans and will we have more cars coming to Forza 7 come July?