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i was wondering if you would be able to help me, i started my forza horizon 2 on friday, and it needed a update, i let it update then it said syncing data. i let it completely sync and then it started a fresh game. i have nothing. i have invested nearly 80 hours in this game, have lots of cars and now i have nothing. i have spoken to microsoft support and they tried to help me, but all help was unsuccessful. now they have told me to contact you. What can you do to help me? I messaged someone that was apparently from turn 10 and got no response. Can someone please help me?

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No, no one can help you. The only thing you can do is yell loud enough until Microsoft changes their system to actually work.

Step 1) Start over
Step 2) Message a Turn10 employee on these forums
Step 3) send them an email as well, it never hurt
Step 4) email Microsoft and let them know you are displeased, that they need to optimize their syncing features for ALL games, not just games with tiny files.

Hi PPI lol Microsoft says its a Forza issue,they go through check list and if that doesn’t work they pass the buck lol

Yes they say that, but more and more people need to complain. It is not a Forza issue and your standard customer service joe won’t be able to help anyway. They only tell you it’s a Forza issue because they don’t see it happen to other games and because they either don’t know what to do about it to help you, they cannot help you, or in the long run there is nothing they can do to resolve further such issues.

I’ve been through a list of game save data for at least every game I have downloaded at some point. As I say in all these posts, the average file size is less than 10 MB if you don’t include Forza. I don’t include Forza because it is an outlier - if you included Forza the average file size jumps to around 45 MB and you can very clearly see that this is not the case.

Seeing as how the standard file size is so low, that is what this system was developed for and it works wonderfully for those games. For several reasons I’ve also mentioned in the past, Forza file sizes are much bigger and as such this is the only games you see these issues pop up for. For all that Microsoft wanted to do with the Xbox One initially it sure seems it was not entirely thought through. For instance, no disc games and all digital (even now all disc games require a full install and only use the disc for DRM checks) and yet the hard drive capacity is only 500 GB. You’ve read countless posts on here about save data gone missing or corrupting and forcing players to start over and they never wanted you to have access to it (which you still really don’t) and have it be solely in the cloud. At least when you have access to it they can always point the finger at you and say “You did something wrong, your fault.” As it stands, it is for most cases their error. Now imagine having to stream games to play over the cloud, I wonder how that would work?

As for the HDD size - Forza Motorsport 5 with all DLC, Forza Horizon 2 with Storm Island Expansion and all DLC (not including F&F Expansion), and Halo Master Chief Collection take up somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 the HDD space between the three of them. God forbid I have a couple other games I want to sometimes play…

— but I digress… It is not directly a Forza issue. Sure there are things Turn 10 can do to help and they should. Will they? Who knows- but they do listen to us, so if enough people push and complain and Microsoft does not step in of their own accord, perhaps Turn 10 can support the community and help push for change.

I just had that happen to me some people say it can’t happen but it does I was at lvl 586 a and lost mine sorry to hear u lose yours.

Send a PM on these forums to HeliosT10 and tell him the approx value of the garage you lost.

The map is to small the roads are small the traffic is crazy an yes i am mad you pay all this money for a game an it never works the way it should my game had to be reinstalled over three times that’s dumb… an i don’t care if any of you help me that’s no big deal to me

Just fix the sync issue… and get a phone number

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Where to begin, first of all, I would love to go driving in Europe. The roads are pretty, it’s a fun drive, and compared to where I live the people there tend to be exponentially better drivers.

Second, you clearly don’t understand the concept of stealing. No one stole your money by advertising you a game, delivering what the advertised and taking your money in return. If you don’t like the game or the choices they made you were able to do plenty of research and in the end you chose to give them your money of you own free will. That is not theft. It may be stupidity on your part but that’s not quite the same thing.

You just seem really angry for one reason or another and I would offer you my help but considering you’ve single handedly hit the word filter more than the entire forum put together this year and your attitude is quite poor, I don’t see why I should. You clearly don’t know how this works and your biggest anger or disappointment seems to be in yourself for what are supposed poor choices. Perhaps you should have left your game sync and waited until it finished…

I cannot help you with a phone number but I can assure you that you will need some other means of contacting the developer because you will never again have the option of using these forums.

Send me a private message either on here or fire me a tweet on Twitter at @HeliosT10

What on earth are you people doing?

Quoting profanity is no better than posting it yourself.

Don’t do it again.