went to launch forza horizon 2 the other day and my game wouldn’t sync so I quit the game and restarted my console. after doing that forza horizon 2 launched and it started with the welcome to forza horizon 2 screen etc and I had to set up my brightness etc again, thinking it could have been a mistake I restarted the game but the same thing happened so I just played through to see if I was able to get all my gifted money from rewards and all my gifted cards back but I have nothing…I was level 292, owned nearly every single car in the game except for the Porsche and most recent car packs and have lost well over 30 million credits…really not happy, honestly re considering purchasing Forza Motorsport 6 because of this.

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I did not delete anything it just was syncing data and all of a sudden all of my data disappeared this is an issue on Xbox one I had a Chat with Microsoft and I followed there steps and nothing my data is still missing I need help this data has been lost for more than a week I want my data back please forza

This is a absalute joke.sync takes ages.then u get it synced then u r left with nothin no cash no cars and lost all progress.pay 50ish for a game yet so b stipped af all earning in game.microsft are no help.n turn 10 dont get back to anyone about problems no much for forza 6 dont think al b buyin that.first forza 5 now horizan 2 wot a joke

What is English?

These issues seem to be from Microsoft’s side, don’t think there is a lot that T10 can do at this point

Same thing happened to me this weekend. I have synced a bunch of times and nothing. hopefully I haven’t lost everything.

Same thing happened to me with over $40Million worth and millions in bank

well, some good news is that I’ve managed to recover my cloud data which is from July 13, which was the last time I played online…a few mates of mine have said they had to wait 30 minutes to an hour for it to sync before it loaded…this cloud save stuff annoys the hell out of me.

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What did you do to get it back?

I let mine sync overnight for the 2nd time (last time it did this was several months ago, but it didn’t do this), the game started & I was back at the intro. I played to see if it had all my gear, & it’s ALL gone. I contacted Xbox who informed me it was a Forza issue (I only have issues with Forza games, no other). While they were contacting Forza their phone system disconnected me. I’ve emailed Forza, but have no real confidence that this will be sorted. I’m now considering requesting a refund & cancelling my pre-order for Forza 6 Ultimate Edition.

My rank is over 313 (Total Xp 10,028,454), with 378 cars, 231 hours, 195 road trips & a huge amount of cash. I was working on the Porsche bucket list & finalising my achievements.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

It could take hours to sync,sometimes it stops and looks like its frozen but its not it can get to 100% and still not be done. Whatever you do don’t cancel the sync,let it go until its done!

I’ve got the same issues as above, lucky for me I’ve only had the game for a week, any help from T10??? Because my achievements are saved i can’t get any of the barn finds and lost them when the game decided to give up!

T10 can you help???

Same thing happened to me. I deleted the game, deleted the game save on the console. Power reset, call microsoft, still got the sync error. over 3 hours on the phone with them. I’m pissed because I’ve already pre order Forza 6.

Same thing here. With Horizon 2 (digital) and FM5 (retail). Both were the Ultimate editions with car pass, but that’s all gone now.
All my progress, my car packs, everything…
Nobody seem to care, not Turn10 nor Microsoft.
I have re-installed both games, tried to sync it at several occasions and just let it be until I got an error.
Why would I buy an Ultimate edition of the upcoming FM6? I will save my money for something else Can’t see myself wasting another $99.
I can only say that I’m seriously disappointed.

If the game is taking ages to sync, eject the disc and the load bar goes up. Put the disc back in and that’s it, all your stuff back.

I will try that with FM5, but Horizon 2 is digital so that won’t work.
But thanks for the advice.

Then I guess it was good to just leave it alone.

Question - I had downloaded the demo when it came out and then got the the game digitally. I thought the two would merge but they didn’t. Some DLC shows on one and then shows on the demo. Would it be safe to just delete the demo or do you think it will erase all earnings?

I’m very interested in the answer to this question as well. I played the demo before buying the game, and I’m afraid to uninstall the demo lest it deletes the save data for my full Forza Horizon 2 game along with it. Technically save data for two different apps are supposed to be distinct, but one never knows…

Update: I deleted my saved game from my console & attempted to sync with the cloud again in an attempt to get my saved game back. I let it run overnight. Looked at it this morning at it’s sitting at 100% (total time at that point was just over 7 HOURS!). Not sure how long it has been sitting at 100%… Anyway, tried the “remove your disc” with no luck, it just closes the window. When I place the disc back in & start it up, it jumps back to 100% & sits there. After a second try, it finally loaded. ALTHOUGH, it’s not my original save game. It’s back at the start (initially I attempted to play through a little bit to see if it would return to normal after the intro)!

This is beyond a joke Turn 10. It’s clearly NOT a Microsoft error as EVERY OTHER GAME WORKS! It seems as though the 231 hours I put into the game is GONE! Are you kidding me Turn 10?! You are a sister company of Microsoft & you can’t get the syncing correct!

Turn 10, please help us! This is obviously a widespread issue, with many of us loosing HUNDREDS of HOURS of game time. Do not remain silent on this issue, PLEASE.

If I can not retrieve my save game, I will be cancelling my Forza 6 pre-order & request a credit. And I will NEVER play a Forza game again!

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