!!!HELP.!!..Everything is gone.!!!

forza 5 and FH2 both won’t load saved data I removed my account and rebooted my system and now I’m just wateing to see if my game will sink bin almost an our now and still wateing…

got nothing after a year of playing firza 5 and many months of playing FH2 and hundreds of dollars spent it’s all gone.?? Now iv bin on the phone with Xbox for ours they say it’s turn 10
And from what I’m herring here turn 10 is saying its XboX but what I wont to know who’s going to reimburse me the money I have spent on these game’s.??

My first question is why did you remove your account, all this would do is make a sync take twice as long.

Second question is, was the game syncing? Or did it restart your game progress when you started up Horizon 2?

Also by the sounds of it you’ve only lost your game save and not the actual game/additional content. As long as you have that then why would you need to get your money back?

I started the game and the first thing it did was pop up with syncing game data after abought an our and a half I restarted my system thinking it had to have frozen and the game started right up— but it was like I never played befor the cars are all gone all my progress is gone my tune’s everything I have dun since the day the game came out is gone…
After freeking out bought that I decided to play forza 5 and holy crap same thing over 600k in tokens all my cars and almost $90mil and every bit of my progress on that game is gone to I thought all my game’s must have crashed but no only them 2 the crue battlefield all other game’s are just fine just the forza games both wiped out at the same time and not just my save my wife’s save and my brother and suns save’s are all wiped out from both games with all the money spent on extra tokens gar packs all the extras for both games gone I have receipts for almost $600 just in THEASE to games and thousands of ours .

This has happened to me today, xbox support advised me to remove my profile and re-download as a fix for a chat related issue. During the sync to restore my data I also thought it had crashed and restarted it, then when it finally finished (90 mins later) I was put through the intro again. I played the intro thinking my level ( level 400+ I must add) would be restored after the first festival cutscenes. I was wrong. Currently on my fifth synch, 6 hours later, after hard resets and a reinstallation, waiting to see if it will restore me. I’ve gone through everyone of @ForzaMotorsport tweets that relate to this issue asking for a resolution. Nothing. I am beyond gutted, I never usually like racing games but this one thoroughly grabbed me.

Level 409, over 10,000,000 credits, nearly 200 cars, countless hours all gone because of a file loss over the cloud. The same happened to a friend of mine in our
car club. It’s literally ruined the game for him and I know it will now for me. On bloody New Years Eve too!

Anyone got any ideas on contacting whoever can fix this?

From what I can see there is no contact you will get no answers wine we pay the money we mean nothing apparently this is the Second time iv had a issue with the Forza game the first time I gave up after 4 mouths of trying this time with this mouth money involved I might have to go a step further .

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If the game is syncing, you never cancel it or restart your system. A sync for me before on Horizon 2 has taken up to 5 hours, sometimes peoples can take longer.

Cancelling your sync can potentially corrupt your data.

Yes thanks for your valuable insight broseph, I know that now! However, when facing a screen which was doing nothing for over half an hour, I don’t think it unreasonable to think it unresponsive.

I shall trawl the forums of each respective game when I fear a simple problem like a save file will not work correctly. Or simply remember that Forza game syncs are a complete anomaly in that they take almost double the time of any other game to sync. Now, condescend off somewhere else.

Was it doing nothing? If you went to FH2 and Manage Game was your save data file increasing in size? I bet it was which means it was doing something. File sizes are much larger for Forza games than any other game and this means they will take a long time to load. Mot Xbox One games have file sizes between 4 and 10 MB while the Forza games can be anywhere from 10 to hundreds of MB because your garage, tunes, paints, and layer groups are all stored within your save file.

By canceling the sync and starting over you essentially screw yourself out of your own data and there is nothing Xbox can do about it because you overwrote and deleted the data. Why? How? Easy, the game is trying to sync. You cancel the sync and decide to start playing from scratch - now you have a file size that is very little and it is different from the one in the cloud. It also happens to be the one you are playing and when it syncs to the cloud, it uses the new file because it thinks you don’t want the old one since you cancelled the sync.

If you hadn’t removed your profile, you wouldn’t be sitting at a several hour sync either because it’s unnecessary, and there are several possible steps that would help you before removing your profile.

As for making these posts all the time, and then people complaining, it’s upsetting. Obviously, you’re capable of coming and posting here on what to do AFTER you’ve messed up your game. You can’t however come here before taking steps to resolve what you see as an issue.

Clearly if you came here before starting over, or searched before posting you would find several dozen threads on what to do in your exact situation and how to go about this. I know this, because there are hundreds of them, and in dozens I’ve posted step by step instructions and explanations on how to handle your exact situation.


For one I didn’t mess up my game Forza has something screwed up with their system all of my other games on my Xbox are just fine any in and every game that I have on my system that has anything to do with Forza is locked up at the sink data screen … And you make it seem as though I let it set there for a second or two and then decide well okay I’m an inpatient. I’m just gonna rush right in and jump in the game and start over and just complain about it later no I have 100 MB Internet connection I sat here for almost 2 hours waiting for this game to download if it takes two hours for that much data to download at 100 MB what the heck is Forza savin full game copy’s .?? Ya know if there is a small little problem and they had to step back peoples accounts couple days no big deal instead we just ignore everybody and not do anything at all… And then you come in here like a keyboard ninja tacking bought on how there’s hundreds of threads and hundreds of posts on exactly what to do I’m not a idiot I look before I do stuff and there is nothing at all anywhere on how to fix or repair anything about what’s going out with my game if there is you post the link to where it is .! if nothing else you made the post why not give some of the fixes yourself instead of just criticism on how we screwed up our games.?.

Mine has also done the same thing.

PPi was not talking to you Digger bjmc. As for criticising people nothing like that has happened in this thread, nobody called you an idiot.

As it’s been said in this thread syncs can take way over 2 hours to do, I had to wait more than an hour to even see a percentage come up on my screen. Then a further 4 hours to get to 100% then around 30 minutes to complete. As PPi and myself have said, cancelling/exiting the sync can corrupt your data making your game start over and there’s not much else that can be done.

You will see many times on the forums that you always wait till it says 100% for syncing, installing, updating, anything. But oh well, at least you know for next time.

Wow. So, I basically just typed out a super long explanation and steps on this and when attempting to spell check a word hit back on accident and lost all the typing from the last 20 minutes. I really don’t feel like retyping it all right now, but I will later.

Here’s a very brief TL;DR synopsis.

Whenever you sync a file for whatever reason you are not saving changes. You are re-downloading or re-uploading the file in its entirety and overwriting the old data. Your internet connection speeds fr up- and down-load do not really matter so much as the Xbox One system is capped at the speed in which it can sync these game save files.
Most Xbox One games have small File Sizes whereas Forza games have a very large file size. Remember on the Xbox 360 how Forza games actually had 3 - 5 separate save files? Now it’s all one big one.
When done playing, ALWAYS dashboard and quit FH2. If you don’t he game can’t sync with the cloud while the console is “off” and may cause game save or sync issues later.
Know the file size of your save data, it is helpful.

If you really like, I can go back and retype everything later. I’m hungry and not in the mood now. I wasn’t calling you an idiot. I deal with this situation so often and so frequently (not just with Forza games mind you) on a regular basis, and 8/10 times it really is due to a lack of patience or proper care by kids used to an “instant, every right away” world that is becomes frustrating. I know Forza is a special case and those aren’t the people that frequent these forums.

As many others have said, and has been typed at least here and probably elsewhere on the internet thousands of times - for peace of mind, always wait for 100% install, sync, what-have-you and until it goes back to the game on it’s own, just wait.

I Apologize…
I am driving right now I will log in on a pic whin I get home and elaborate better I know you are not the reason my games wiped your post was the first thing I see after I find out I lost everything not only on FH2 but just befor logging in I find out my forza 5 game that iv bin working on daily for over a year is also wiped everything’s gone money tokens cars everything …

It’s alright. I probably didn’t explain it the best either since I just see so many posts like this all the time. If you are driving, why are you responding on this forum - please drive safe in the real world and refrain from mobile phone usage - especially of this caliber.

I am still willing to retype my original response. This time I will also save it in a word document for future use as I find it to be much more in-depth and beneficial than the standard, generic response you will get from Xbox and that they expect their support staff to give you.

I foolishly moved my FH2 install to an external disk. Now when starting the game I just get the Loading please wait, no indication of amount down, time to go or if anything is actually happening. I left this like this over night and by the morning my xbox one had turned off, but the game save hadn’t loaded. Even at 1MBs you could download 400Mb an hour. I am only level 55, with 45 cars and a few paint jobs could my save really be hundreds if not thousands of MB?. I can’t use my xbox one while I wait for the game save to download for fear of resetting it, I can’t obviously see how much is left to download and if it is progressing. This situation could only be described as poor, I can’t see that as a feature it is working for the best of the consumer. I can’t even see how I can reset my save to start again (not that I want to). So should I just stick with the loop of music, which is getting very dull now or is there something I can do to ‘help’ the download or even to monitor it at least…

BTW I do not expect instant, but I do expect to be ‘told’ by the machine that something is going to take a long time and that it hasn’t hung it is still processing it rather than the apparent ‘stuck loading’ screen I have at the moment.


Five hours later and it’s still showing as loading please wait… No sign of a save game in the app storage, or should I look somewhere else for it?