Horizon 2 Data Sync Problems !!!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Hello Guys. I would really like to point out how much at the moment Forza Horizon 2 is not working at all for me. So after the “Lizard” group hack that shut down live for Xbox and PS2. I finally got back online and wanted to play Horizon 2 again. So I got on and I noticed that the “Saved Data” had to sync with the Xbox again. This took forever and once it was complete, the game decided to have a stroke on my and it completely “Erased” all +100 cars and my Career Progress on both the main Island and Storm Island which I payed for with my Money I saved up as well. The weird part is that my designs I downloaded, Speed Traps and Zones I set, achievements gained plus not to mention that fact that I can no longer access on to Storm Island or Rivals in the Pause Function.
I am begging someone to please help me understand what the hell is going on and Please, Is there a way to regain My +100 cars and my Progression through the game because at the moment I don’t feel like I having fun restarting the game from scratch because the game itself “Didn’t want to Sync my Stuff Back”. :frowning:

Thank You

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I had the same issue, lost everything. When I try to launch the game it’s acting like I just started playing FH2, I had 140ish cars, 1,400,000ish, level 232, 120ish hours played. I just want it all back. My GT is ayee Droid, and this is on Xbox One.

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Same. I figured out if I chose to use the “cloud” save data everything would be fine. But I chose the hard drive and everything is gone. I just have to restart knowung that the game screwed me over.

Still doing it to me. It doesn’t give me the option to load the cloud save. Forza 5 is also doing the same thing, which makes no sense since I haven’t played that in a month.